September 26, 2022

‘Should I hire a divorce attorney?’ – that’s often a common question that may people ask when facing a divorce. Let’s be honest here – A divorce is never an easy decision. Even when you are in agreement with your spouse on certain things, you should consider hiring an attorney. In Westmount, Quebec, firms like have been working with clients to offer help and advice on family, and their experience is unparalleled. In this post, we are sharing more on the circumstances when you definitely need to get a divorce attorney on your side. 

  1. When you have a minor child. As parents, it should be your first preference to protect the child and ensure his/her safety & wellbeing. During the divorce proceedings, it is hard to parents to be objective on all matters related to children, and that’s exactly why you need divorce attorney, who can offer sane advice. 
  2. When you have disputes related to child custody. If you and your spouse are fighting over aspects like child custody, child support, and visitation rights, a divorce attorney is important. Your attorney will ensure that your interests are protected and you get your rights as a parent. 
  3. When you have disputes related to assets and debts. Understanding the distribution of marital assets acquired during the course of the marriage is important. Make sure that you have an attorney who can sort things with your spouse’s legal team. This may mean negotiating on many aspects, until a just arrangement is achieved. 
  4. When you want to press charges against your spouse. In relevant divorce cases, one spouse may want to bring criminal charges against the other, for which hiring an attorney is absolutely important. They can offer advice on the course of action and if the case is worth pursuing.
  5. When you want help with spousal support. When you want alimony and spousal support, and your spouse doesn’t agree to your demands, you need to get a divorce attorney on your side, so that matters can be sorted easily. 

Having an attorney by your side will make the divorce much easier, and you can expect to get emotional and metal support, as well. Expect the divorce attorney to be your trusted friend in taking the case ahead, and they will ensure that your spouse, or their legal team, doesn’t take to take advantage of the circumstances. Check online now to find more on divorce attorneys near you!