December 2, 2023

There are many different reasons why car crashes happen, and one of the most common is distracted driving. Distracted driving accounts for a considerable percentage of road accidents in the United States. While this issue affects everyone, teens seem to be the most affected as many car crashes recorded annually involve a teenage driver.

“Distracted driving includes all activities that distract the driver’s attention on the road. A distracted driver is nothing short of a disaster waiting to happen,” says injury attorney Daniel Libbey.

Distracted driving accidents occur due to negligence. Therefore, individuals injured in the car crash should contact a car crash lawyer.

Driving Distractions that may Lead to Crashes

Different distractions can take the driver’s mind off the road, causing accidents. Every driver owes other motorists the responsibility of driving carefully.

Identifying these distractions will help prevent accidents and preserve safety for everyone on the road. These driving distractions include:

#1. Use of the Cell Phone

Cell phones have proven to be a good invention as they help bridge the communication gap. However, when not used in its intended way, a good invention can become a huge source of problems. Using mobile phones while the car is in motion is a hazardous driving habit.

Many drivers have been found to chat, text, and even play video games on their mobile devices. These activities take the driver’s attention away from the road. Accidents happen very fast, and every time the driver’s total concentration is taken away from the road, there is a tendency that an accident will occur.

It is ideal for drivers not to use their phones while driving. If it becomes necessary to use the phone for one reason or the other, it is best to find a spot and park before doing so. This will safeguard the driver’s life and that of other passengers.

#2. Passengers

Surprisingly, passengers can be a source of distraction to drivers. Most times, drivers may engage in deep conversations with their passengers that divide their attention from the road. In those situations, accidents can happen.

Additionally, parents carrying their toddlers can be easily distracted if the children become unruly during the ride. Teen drivers carrying teenage passengers also are at more risk of being distracted while driving than their adult counterparts. Therefore, it is ideal for drivers to take precautions to ensure that passengers do not become a reason why the driver cannot fully concentrate on the road.

Parents traveling with children should ensure that they are strapped in correctly before commencing the journey. If the need arises during the trip to attend to a child, the driver should find a parking spot before doing that. Drivers should also avoid engaging in deeper conversations with their passengers as such conversations can wait till the end of the journey.

#3. Fiddling with the GPS

One of the benefits of technological breakthroughs is that they make life pretty much easier for humans. Most cars come with a GPS that enables drivers to travel to different places with the aid of a google map. However, many drivers can get distracted while trying to input destinations and read the direction of the map.

Drivers using the GPS are encouraged to input their destination before driving off and avoid fiddling with the GPS while the car is in motion. If the need arises to input additional data into the system, they should park at a spot off the road and do that.

#4. Riding with Pets

Pet owners sometimes take their furry friends for a ride without a harness. The constant movement of the pet can become a form of distraction to the driver. To drive safely with a pet in the car, you may need to put them in a harness or use a crate to curtain their movement.

#5. Fiddling with the Stereo

Car manufacturers want to make driving as enjoyable and memorable as possible, which is why stereo and screens are built into the car. However, drivers may fiddle with the stereo, which can momentarily take their eyes away from the road. This split-seconds distraction can be catastrophic and result in accidents which may lead to severe injuries and possibly death.

#6. Eating

It is safe to conclude that a lot of drivers eat while driving. Though this may be common, it is an unsafe habit. While trying to reach out and get the food or mistakenly spilling the drink, the driver may take their eyes away from the road, and this alone can lead to a car crash.

#7. Gazing at Roadside Attractions

Many things can pass as roadside attractions such as advertising billboards, an attractive lady or gentleman walking by, or even a roadside show. These things can distract the driver’s attention from the road.

#8. Personal Grooming

It is not uncommon to see a driver attending to their grooming while the car is in motion. Actions like applyinh makeup, combing hair, shaving, and adjusting one’s clothes are distracting and can endanger the lives of road users.

What to Do After After a Distracted Driving Accident

If you were involved in a distracted driving accident, the first thing you need to be concerned about is your health. It is therefore ideal to immediately seek medical attention to treat your injuries. Also, ensure that you notify the police about the accident, as a police report will be vital in advancing your case.

Additionally, it is always best to contact an experienced and competent accident attorney before meeting with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Your attorney can advise you on the best approach to use in handling the case that will be to your advantage.

Bottom Line

Distracted driving is preventable if every driver commits to shunning all manner of distractions on the roads. The roads can become safer for everyone when road users stick to the rules and do the right thing.