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Common Topics in a Car Accident Injury Compensation Claim

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Car accident injury lawyers are personal injury lawyers who specialise in personal injury compensation for car accidents. The law of motor vehicle accident injury compensation claim may differ from state. It is important that injured people seek professional legal advice in the state where the accident happened.

For example, in the State of Western Australia, there many lawyers that who claim they are experts of motor vehicle accident compensation claim. The reality is only very few are true experts in the field. The law about motor vehicle accident compensation changed in other State, therefore, you may see there law firms entering in to WA market with knowledge which is not necessarily applicable in the state of Western Australia. The main point is, if you are to find a personal injury lawyer who specialises in this area of law to assist with you claim, please be sure that your lawyer is experienced in the State where the accident happened.

One of the recent trend in the automobile industry is the wide spread application and use of a dashcam. In the old days, when an accident happens, it often took a long time to investigate. As dashcams become more and more popular, investigation of the causes of car accident may take shorter amount of time for some types of claims. However, this is not universal. In terms of the settlement of car accident injury claim, the overall timeframe required to settle the claim may or may not be positively affected by the use of dash cam. In reality, the settlement of claim to a large extent is dominated by the amount of time that the injured person takes to reach the stabilisation point in their injury. In most of cases, it takes longer to reach stabilisation point compare to the time taken to investigate the accident.

Another common topic in car accident injury claim is who pays the bill? Many injured people are unclear about if they have insurance at all. In Australia, most of the states have compulsory third party insurance, also referred to as the CTP insurance. This is a compulsory insurance payment every year, and it is paid when motorist renews their registration every year. The purpose of this insurance is to cover in the situation where a person is injured during a car accident which is caused by the negligence of others. In other words, if your injury is caused by a motorist who has a valid vehicle registration, then you are most likely be covered by the CTP insurance. If you are a passenger and the driver is your family member, do not worry, the bill is not paid by the family member. In the case of Western Australia, the bill will most likely be paid by Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA).

If you are injured on the road in Perth, please be sure you consult an expert motor vehicle accident injury lawyer Perth before you settle the motor vehicle accident claim. Most of the good lawyers provide No Win No Fee legal representation. This really makes the upfront legal cost very affordable.