December 2, 2023

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New York experiences a wave of crimes every year. In 2018, there were almost 95,500 serious crimes that happened in the heartland of the city. NYPD reported 753 shootings, 289 homicides, and several larcenies in total by the end of 2018.

All these cases were represented in courts across New York by Criminal Defense Lawyers. It is the job of a criminal defense lawyer in New York to represent the accused and ensure that the defendant receives a fair and speedy trial.

The crucial role of criminal defense lawyers

Criminal law itself is a multifaceted legislation process. It follows a central, federal justice system, as well as independent state-based legislation that might have a different definition of crimes and its respective punishment. In fact, the majority of crimes fall under a state’s law, other than incidents like vandalizing or damaging state property and inflicting injury on a federal employee.

An average citizen is unlikely to have a clear understanding of the criminal law and legislation system. Unfortunately, not understanding the prosecution system makes an individual more susceptible to accusation and less likely to be able to defend themselves.

That’s why criminal defense attorneys like Manchanda Law Office in New York are appointed to represent the accused in front of the court. Such law firms are often hired during pre-trials for the entire duration of the investigation period. They assist their clients throughout the prosecution and ensure they do not disclose any implicating information.

A competent criminal defense attorney can even convince a judge to drop a case against the prosecuted if he or she has been arrested on the grounds of insufficient or incorrect evidence. For instance, law enforcers generally make an arrest based on a probable cause. However, charges against the prosecuted may be dropped before the trials begin if a criminal defense lawyer in New York shows that the reason to believe an individual committed a crime is inconclusive or based on lacking evidence.

Criminal defense attorneys and trials

Criminal defense attorneys also go through the accused’s files to analyze his/her case, pinpointing its strengths and weaknesses. It is of critical importance to form a defense strategy and assist and collaborate for a fair and quick criminal trial. A criminal defense lawyer in New York may also assist with the standard procedures of a criminal hearing, like choosing the juries to forming an opening sentence.

If that trial somehow cascades against a defendant, criminal defense lawyers can initiate the process of appealing, or can point out the pros and cons of pleading guilty to that accused.

Both public and private prosecutors like Manchanda Law Office in New York involve themselves from trial participation to sentencing of a defendant. Defense lawyers fight for their clients providing the necessary evidence to ensure he or she gets an unbiased judgment. Criminal defense draws a balance between the legislation system and utilizing a set of facts as evidence to understand whether the accused is truly guilty or not.


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