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Determining the Fault in Car Accidents

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With so many people getting a driving license, the traffic in cities all around the world is getting more chaotic by the day. And this situation is a perfect breeding place for car accidents that may sometimes involve even multiple participants. With that being said, some of the accidents occur due to human factors like negligence, not paying attention or disrespecting the laws. On the other hand, you can become a victim of a vehicle accident because of bad weather, road conditions and more.

The bottom line is that when they happen, determining who is at fault becomes a number one topic. Nostrils are flared and fingers and pointed. That’s why we’ll explain in detail how you can determine fault when it comes to accidents on the road.

Damages and Other Consequences

Understandably, these accidents are some of the most dangerous that exist. Plus, they’re one of the most frequent ones which should raise the level of alarm in the minds of drivers.

Moreover, starting with the least serious injuries, victims can sustain scrapes as well as cuts, and even a couple of bruises. Injured ribs or chest may sound like a big deal, but it’s easily healed and may not have long-lasting consequences. But the situation can get very serious when the trachea is crushed, for instance. In these instances, one can say that it could be worse.

The worst-case scenarios involve individuals having serious bodily injuries like broken extremities and bones, become paralyzed, get brain injuries, and more. In some cases that may mean that they can’t lead their lives in the usual way anymore or at least present difficulties and challenges with going about their days.

Who Is at Fault?

When it comes to car accidents, states are separated in two – some are no-fault insurance ones whereas other ones are called tort states. The latter ones have special laws that are written and in effect. The legal system uses them as a guide to determine who should play whom. Also, states can occasionally blend the two.

People in no-fault states can still sue. They would have to meet some criteria, though. They can include important or everlasting loss of bodily function or injury, deformity and scarring, death, and similar.

Beware that the at-fault party may try their best to get away with it and not pay for the costs. For that reason, not going through the whole process alone can be an idea to think about.

Personal Injury Attorneys or Alone?

Car accidents go under personal injury claims. As we mentioned, you can file them on your own or you can seek legal advice from a professional. Chicago personal injury attorneys should have a lengthy experience in this field and should be a good personality match for you. These individuals or companies should be near the top when it comes to who to call in these instances.

Over to You…

Have you ever been in a car accident? If yes, what were the first steps you took? We’d like to hear your opinion on the matter!