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Do I Need To Keep An Information Exchange Form In My Car?

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An information exchange form in your car offers a standardized level of reporting for accidents in which damages are less than $1500. These forms are often used by police officers when the damages at the scene appeared to be quite low. In case of a minor accident, drivers are encouraged to keep one of these forms in their car so that the information can be logged and exchange in an organized format.

Getting into a car accident is stressful enough and managing the data that you will need to collect during the wake of a car accident can be extremely difficult. Many at-fault drivers or individuals that are involved in the accident confined themselves uncooperative or even forgetful with the types of information that they should be collecting. Waiting to take down contact information from witnesses, not having information from all of the drivers involved and more could put you at risk or receiving no type of compensation.

The information that’s included on the exchange form includes the names, addresses, insurance company, telephone numbers, driver’s license numbers, license plate number as well as the make, model, color and year of the vehicle involved. You can keep several in order to log the information from every driver.

Once you have the information from these forms you should seek the help of a car accident attorney. If you are suffering in the wake of an accident, having access to all of the appropriate evidence and contact information can make sure that you can have an appropriate advocate on your side. Our team can represent you and make sure that the information exchange forms that you have collected can be put to good use.

Make sure that you’re taking plenty of photos at the scene and we can work with you to file a claim that will help you seek compensation for the accident. Information exchange forms are not a requirement for driving but they can help to keep you organized through the process of an accident claim.

This post was written by Wendy Doyle-Palumbo. Wendy is a New Port Richey Car Accident Lawyer at Wendy Doyle-Palumbo, Esq. Wendy has over 25 years of experience practicing law and has won several cases in helping those get the compensation that they deserve!

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