October 3, 2023

If you or a loved one has been involved in a vehicular accident and wounded, particularly, when there is a permanent injury or substantial time is lost from school, work and the likes then it’s vital you involve a lawyer to arrogate your claim against the culprit. To put it plainly, it all comes down to who had the accident, how it occurred and the injuries sustained. You are not likely to need an attorney if you are free from harm. At Clarke Law, you will find car accident attorneys who work tirelessly and prepare each claim as if it’s going to trial.

It’s advisable not to overlook getting a lawyer even when an injury wasn’t sustained as car accident issues are unique. It’s vital you consider the seriousness of the accident and use your discretion. The Insurance Company will adequately handle a bent fender issue where an injury wasn’t sustained. If the situation is more serious, then think carefully – because we live in a litigious society.

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When to run to an attorney and when to walk

Getting a lawyer specialized in personal injury cases with regards to vehicular accidents brings a feeling of tranquillity, knowing that every area is covered. Below are guidelines for when to run and when to walk:

Get an attorney fast when:

  • There is fracture leading to hospitalization, severe injury, possible paralysis
  • Death as a result of the accident;
  • Who is to  blame becomes an issue
  • Pedestrians and  other vehicle or property was damaged
  • The scene of the accident is a construction area;
  • The police report misconstrue you and puts the blame on you;
  • Crucial technical, legal or medical problems  comes up;
  • Your liability insurance limit is low
  • You don’t have insurance, or your insurance company claim your premium is unpaid
  • Your insurer starts behaving suspiciously.
  • Your insurance company brings in its own attorney(in this situation, make more haste)

Walk to an attorney when:

  • Getting counsel on the settlement value of a claim (though not rocket science, attorneys sometimes proffer best and worst case premises);
  • You are not sure if other insurance like travel or home owner insurance is obtainable.
  • You are not sure of who is to blame.
  • Checking if your insurer is acting on your best interest.
  • Trying to find out how to take care of dialogues with your insurer.
  • You are not aware of your rights.
  • Perplexed over the conditions of your policy
  • When an expert needs to inspect confounding paperwork or forms.

Car Accident Lawyer Fees

Certain auto accident cases are covered on a contingency or “no win-no pay” grounds. In this regard if your attorney doesn’t settle the case or loses on your behalf he is not paid. Contrarily, if he wins the case, a percentage of the personal injury award is given to the attorney. This percentage is dependent on the type of case; however it can be equal to roughly one-third to 40{ee2a2ced2e83a70af3b12a5f5f4bc88f1c095ae1846c54ee750c7ec9c020c045} of the total award, with differing limits enforced from state to state. It’s worthwhile to be informed that attorney fees is not the same as cost and the responsibility for most out – of  – pocket expenses may come down to you.