December 2, 2023

In running your law firm, are you doing all you can to market it the right way?

Unfortunately, some legal pros drop the ball when it comes to marketing. As a result, they end up missing out on client opportunities.

If your marketing efforts haven’t been leading to new business, when will you make some changes?

Are You in Need of Help?

The major reason your marketing may not be doing you justice is because you are not sure what to do in the first place.

That said it may well be time to turn to the Internet and search for online marketing for law firms.

When you find a digital marketer that knows what they are doing, it can have a positive impact on your firm.

Remember, your main job is taking and winning cases for clients. As such, you do not have the time necessary to be marketing your brand 24/7. This is where a proven digital marketing provider comes in.

Once you have found the right marketing company, you are able to have the following working for you:

  1. Content – A big part of any successful marketing effort is content. That said do you have worthwhile content on your website? That content can come in the form of blog posts, white papers and more. The goal is to prove your law firm as an authority in the practice area or areas you offer. When you do this, consumers are more apt to come to you for a free consultation. Make sure your content is well-written and updated on a regular basis. Last, you want that content promoted in social circles.
  2. SEO – You may or may not be up on search engine optimization. If you are not, this is where the right marketer can help you. You want your law firm to rank at or near the top of Google for attorneys and lawyers in your part of the country. When you do, it stands to reason more consumers may select you when needing legal counsel. The right keywords centered on legal terms will help drive traffic to your website. Given you are busy working on cases, your marketer can test which keywords resonate best. They can also provide you with monthly Google ranking reports so you know what is and is not working.
  3. Campaigns – You also want to be aware of how your marketing campaigns are going. Converting leads and closing sales is important for any business. That said your law firm can only rely so much on word-of-mouth referrals. With solid marketing, you stand a good chance of churning out prospective clients.
  4. Social media – Finally, social media is a great way to land potential business. Many consumers are on Facebook, Twitter and other such sites. As a result, it gives your law firm a great opportunity to speak to them. Your marketer can be sure to update your social feeds with regularity. It is also key that there is regular engagement with consumers on your social feeds. When a prospective client comes to your social page or pages with a question, answer it in a prompt manner. Last, you can use your social pages to post links to relevant legal articles and more. When seen as an authority in your practice area or areas, there’s a better chance of gaining more clients.

For your law firm to be making noise, be sure your marketing efforts are getting a thumbs up verdict.