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Don’t Make Divorce More Difficult Than It Has to Be

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You made a deal with another individual when you got married. You were going to walk through life and weather the storms together – but something happened. For unknown reasons, one or both of you began walking a different path that didn’t include the other, and that may have caused issues to arise inside your relationship. As the cracks appear, you may find yourself considering divorce. Here are a few reasons to contemplate seeking a swift, uncontested divorce.


Anger, confusion, and frustration can all boil within a relationship and threaten to overflow into bitterness and conflict as two people drag their divorce problems on for months or even years. Animosity can grow, anger may increase, and resentment can possibly threaten to make the divorce into a heated battle.


Divorce can become expensive if one party drags on with motions, requests, and court dates. As one attorney sends documents to the other and requests information in return, prices can escalate. By contacting an uncontested divorce Tampa attorney, you can often cut the proceeding’s costs significantly and protect your private affairs from being made public during a combative trial. Cutting out the interrogatories, discovery, and witnesses can cut costly expenses down to a minimum.


The longer the divorce is drawn out, the more difficult the situation can become for any children involved. This can become especially true as each party battles for control in a long court struggle. If you can keep your children out of the hands of the court by settling your divorce issues quickly, you can protect your children from emotional and mental damage that can sometimes impact them during a long, contentious court case.

Filing for an uncontested divorce may sound like a small thing in the larger scope of life, but it can have many positive ramifications – especially on your children and finances. Another positive aspect is that uncontested divorces are almost always settled more quickly than contested proceedings.