April 15, 2024

Are lawyers are sometimes shrinks?

A student deciding to be a lawyer derives the influence either from family, friends, school, or even from the movies. Who knows exactly when the passion for law starts. What is important is the choice has been made and whatever follows will be faced.

There are various aspects of the law, many fields to be interested in, and in most cases, people with a heart for sympathy goes for family law. This field of law involves family matters like:

  • Marriage or cohabitation contracts

  • Adoptions

  • Separation agreements

  • Parenting / child custody

  • Child and spouse support

  • Division of property

  • Constructive trust claims

  • Divorce

Though lawyers have the reputation to have a cold heart, tat term usually does not apply to family lawyers. These kinds of solicitors have the passion for resolving family conflict and disputes. More than assessing the family issues, the lawyers will put in consideration first the naïve souls that will get affected by the law procedures.

A family counselor gives advice regarding the legal rights of the client. It is fulfilling to not only guide a client in the law process, but also much noble to counsel a person or family in the most difficult time of their lives.

Break ups are hard, painful, and stressful and time consuming for accepting facts and moving on. Family counselors are there to guide the people undergoing this rocky road. They are there to provide direction on how to navigate the law and the things to do legally to win the family case.

It is essential to know how to properly deal with the clients in terms of the legal matters and personal level. Though it is not advisable for lawyers to get emotionally attached to the clients, sometimes it does deem a big challenge to stay firm and hold the ground for not getting too involved.

Family law attorneys are litigators, negotiators, and more often than not, family counselors. They provide assistance regarding the law and what is best legally for their clients. They negotiate the terms and agreements with the other party, and even with their own clients. And, as much as it is not part of their job, family attorneys act as emotional counselors to their patrons.

It is a desperate time for people getting divorced, and so lawyers become the sponge that absorbs all the pain, anger, frustration and low self-esteem of their clients. Lawyers are not shrinks, but mostly they act lie one because it is difficult to stay unemotional in challenging times.

Especially when there are kids involve, family law solicitors are more prone to getting emotionally associated with the children. Most lawyers already have children of their own, and it would be very difficult not to think of their own kids in practicing family law.

Being in the family law field is rewarding in many ways, but much more challenging in the emotional state. It takes a professional lawyer with a genuine heart to survive in this field.