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Essential Aspects to Consider Winning a Wrongful Termination Case 

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Winning a wrongful termination or employment discrimination case by the Law Offices of Usmaan Sleemi would require proving the illegal motive of the employer. However, you should rest assured that it may not be an easy task. Not all law offices would be able to prove the case in the best possible manner. The law office would be required to gather adequate proof of illegal motive against the employer based on circumstantial evidence. 

In such cases, circumstantial evidence would play a significant role in determining the cause of wrongful termination or discrimination against the employee. The logic, that if the employer did not have any illegal motive against you, why did he or she terminate your employment on false grounds. The act of the employer against you without any reasonable cause would be prima facie evidence of the employer having illegal motive against you. However, the law office would be required to gather adequate evidence for proving the illegal motive through circumstantial evidence. 

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The reason for wrongful termination may not be due to sex, race, or any other illegal ground, but the employer looking forward to having a reason to terminate your employment for his or her false reasons. 

Yet another mode of proving discrimination would be the company failing to follow its policies relating to investigating the alleged misconduct. All companies have a proper code of conduct to follow when allegedly firing an employee for misconduct. Any lack of proper following of the code would result in proving your case against the employer for wrongful terminating your employment. There should be a proper investigation by the company in the matter before firing the employee for misconduct. 

Other essential aspects that go into evaluating discrimination, wrongful termination, and retaliation cases would be inclusive of employment cases where it would be relatively easier to win compared to others. A good example would be retaliation and whistleblower cases are relatively easier to win compared to the discrimination cases. Similarly, sex discrimination cases are easier to win compared to race discrimination cases. Several reasons would be given for wrongful termination of employment. However, such statements would only be generic, as various juries and judges would come to provide different results. 

It would be imperative that your experience, regardless of the number of strength of evidence gathered, your honesty, respect, accountability, and competency would help you prevail. To prevail, the jury should not only be made to believe about you owning compensation but that you deserve compensation.