October 5, 2023

If you call yourself a certified fashionista, and if you have just the idea for a hit fashion business, the ideas that come to you might feel nothing short of exhilarating. Before you grab your capital and start, however, you might want to pause and view a quick guide just to make sure you have your basics together.

If you’re thinking of making your own fashion business, now is likely a good time to get your plans in motion. Fashion United statistics indicate that the global apparel market has a current value of $3 trillion, and is currently 2 percent of the entire Gross Domestic Product of the globe. It’s dominated by the womenswear industry, currently with a total value of 621 billion dollars. Industry leaders such as Nike in the United States, Inditex in Spain, and Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy in France are figures to look up towards as they currently are the biggest players in the industry.

  • Build on something you’re good at. A lot of businesses these days focus on being an “all in one” solution in an industry’s woes, but this isn’t always a good thing to do. Sometimes, a small company can be oversaturated with work that quality gets compromised. If you want to start small and you have an idea in mind, try making sure the idea you’re working on is something you can constantly improve upon. If for instance you want to become an apparel store that focuses on designs, perhaps you can build upon your design aspect first before going on full production.

  • Be as practical as you are theoretical. Fumbling around with the idea of a business is fun, especially if you know you have the capital. However, don’t just settle with preliminary research and instead actually formulate a potential business plan. If for instance you want to form a shoe business, think about the various logistical concerns you may have and consult a business professional on your next move. That way, you can easily make a template of the things you want to execute and compare it with a budget later.
  • Cultivate capital, search for angels. If you want to start a business, it’s ideal that you start one with a big enough capital that can sustain both operations while having a little savings in case of emergencies. If you don’t have this yet, try grooming yourself for business by taking on jobs that are similar to your planned business. Aside from that, try searching for angel investors that may be willing to invest in your idea.
  • Nurture a network, access to learning. Remember, just because you’re a business owner doesn’t mean you don’t have any more room to grow. It’s integral for your business not just to be competitive but adaptable as well. When you build your business, start building connections with partners, competition, and other figures in the part of the industry you want to tap in. That way, it becomes much easier for you to have access to the latest trends, and keep in touch with people that can teach how to nurture and grow.


If you’re a certified fashionista, the glam of the fashion industry might not be enough to form a sustainable business. The quick guide above would hopefully give you a nudge to the right direction towards the kind of business that not only would showcase your talent but also your love for the craft as a whole. If you’re wondering about some legal aspects of handling a business, such as business litigation, a lawyer might be able to give you adequate assistance.