September 23, 2023

If you suffered a serious injury in an accident due to somebody else’s negligence, you may be eligible for financial recovery. However, to protect your right to compensation, you must avoid making mistakes that can ruin your injury claim. Remember that insurance companies will make it hard for you to recover fair compensation and making even a small mistake can lead to the denial of your claim. To ensure you get maximum financial recovery, you must be represented by a competent Ontario, CA personal injury lawyer. The following are some of the mistakes you must not make while your injury claim is not yet resolved:

Not Seeking Immediate Medical Attention

Following a serious accident, you must go to a doctor immediately to get a physical examination and appropriate treatment. Otherwise, you could put your health at risk and jeopardize your injury claim. When you don’t prompt treatment, the insurer will use it as an excuse for avoiding liability. Without medical documentation, you won’t be able to provide that you sustained an injury and its extent. 

Not Gathering Evidence

If you are physically able, you must get any evidence before you leave the accident scene. Some of the pieces of evidence you may collect include photos of the site itself and any visible damages, as well as personal and contact information of the other party involved and witnesses. 

Not Hiring a Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer hartford ct will help you understand your legal rights and options. They will tell you the worth of your claim and ensure you make informed decisions. Should the insurance company refuse to settle your claim outside of court, your attorney can represent you at trials.

Ignoring the Advice of Your Doctor

After you get a medical checkup and treatment, ensure you follow the advice of your physician to ensure a fast recovery. Not following can jeopardize your health and claim. Once your injuries aggravate, your recovery will prolong, giving the insurance company a reason to argue that your injury is not as serious as you claimed and that you deserve less compensation than you demanded. 

Negotiating with the Insurance Company Without a Lawyer

Insurance companies will try to settle injury claims for as little money as possible. Negotiating a settlement with an insurance representative on your own will not lead to favorable results. Keep in mind that if you do not have knowledge of the applicable law and what constitutes a fair settlement, you may end up accepting just any offer the company makes.