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How to Find the Best Criminal Lawyer in Sydney

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Best criminal lawyers in Sydney are not difficult to find. A criminal lawyer has to have experience fighting criminal cases in the court to be accomplished to fight your case and handle it till the end.

However if the criminal case is lengthy and maybe heading to a trial in the Supreme or District court it is important and beneficial to you to add a barrister specializing in criminal cases to your team.

A criminal case is a very serious offence. It is very important that you choose top criminal lawyers from Sydney who is the best in the field. Choosing the correct lawyer can be the difference in you getting sentenced or acquitted. It is very important that your lawyer is experienced and capable enough to get you a plea bargain or better still your case should be dismissed totally.

Steps to take in choosing the best criminal advocate around Sydney for criminal cases:

  • First and foremost you need to determine if there is need of a criminal lawyer – you need to assess and gauge the crime committed to determine whether a criminal lawyer is needed. According to Australian laws it is possible that you may need a criminal lawyer even for minor cases as traffic rule violations also. At times you may feel that these minor offences are not worthy of retaining a criminal lawyer. But to save your time, resources, money and your driving license it is better to hire a criminal lawyer to help you with the proceedings. We generally are not aware of the protocols that are followed in courtrooms. A good criminal solicitor from Sydney or elsewhere who is representing you can help in negotiations, can get your sentence reduced in case you are charged and in some cases also get the charges levied against you reduced or even dropped.
  • You need to have the knowledge of what is expected from excellent criminal lawyeraround Sydney – every individual has the right in representing himself in the court of law. But not everyone has the knowledge of the complexities of the law, nor has the experience to defend oneself in an effective way. Criminal lawyers are trained, experienced legal representatives who are able to explain clearly the charges brought against you and also to inform you about the possible repercussions of your actions as well as the punishment that can be meted out to you as per your crime.
  • How to get the top most criminal attorney in Sydney – best criminal lawyers are generally chosen by good referrals. A lawyer that is impeccable, honest, professional by reputation is the one to choose to fight your case. Lawyers within the community like divorce lawyers, property lawyers etc are also good choices in asking for referrals.


So along with realizing whether the crime committed needs a good criminal lawyer it is very important to get a lawyer with experience who knows his work properly. Best criminal lawyers in Sydney are mainly chosen on the basis of their success rate and track record also.