October 3, 2023

The world is a business. Every single day, untold amounts of wealth is traded in markets across the world, regardless of whether it’s the most or the least developed countries.

This wave of growth has given way to a great deal of progress and prosperity to everyone involved, including the countries that they were operating in, both directly as well as indirectly.

While all these changes have been a great thing, it has also had its downsides. The great amounts of wealth being traded became a target for unscrupulous conmen out to cheat people of their hard earned money.

This is something that everyone is all to familiar with. It is evident in the way how people get into business transactions these days. Everyone is wary about the negative consequences of any business deals, be it in terms of getting low quality products or services, being fleeced of their money or anything else for that matter.

It is just the way that people have reacted to the emerging trends that have taken place in the markets. A good evidence of this can be found in the legal papers that one is required to sign before getting involved in any business transaction; the paperwork is just a way one can get ‘insurance’ and an overall feeling of security that they and their wealth are protected.

In addition to this, there are an ever increasing number of laws targeted at regulating business and trade activities in the economy, which aims at and tries to reduce the incidence of unethical activities in the markets.

Despite all this, the system remains riddled with holes and other issues. People continue to get cheated and the trend hasn’t changed much for the most part.

A good example this is evident in the recent Platinum Partners Investors case where untold amounts were misappropriated for fraudulent purposes.

This is where a good lawyer can come in handy. Whenever one is seeking compensation and justice for getting cheated in a business deal, they can always go to a lawyer to have their grievances redressed.

How ever, finding a good lawyer can be a headache if one doesn’t know what they are looking for. This can become problematic especially when one has a great deal of money on the line.

While there isn’t a ‘set of rules’ as such when choosing a lawyer, there are certainly guidelines which can help one to find a capable professional to help them out.

In no particular order, here are a list of things that one can look into before selecting a good law yer.

1.) Degree:

While a degree isn’t a guarantee of a good know ledge of things, it does act as an indicator. A good law degree is characterized by great marks but that shouldn’t be the only thing considered.

Also to consider is the specialization. The law has different sections, each of it dealing with a unique issue, be it politics, environment, business, personal, etc. The lawyer should have the knowledge regarding business and legal matters relating to trade, before being hired to handle a case.

2.) College/University:

The education should have been from a good university. The better the university, the better one can be assured that the know ledge imparted was done in a proper manner.

3.) Professional Experience:

There is nothing wrong with hiring a lawyer fresh out of college, it is something that one should properly consider before getting involved in. In cases where there is a lot at stake, it is better to rely on a lawyer with lots of professional experience, as opposed to a fresher.

4.) Accreditation and Membership:

Good lawyers tend to have accreditation with leading organizations in the industry. This isn’t always the case but it does act as an indicator of one’s competency.

5.) Case Track Record:

Last but not the least; attention must be paid to the track record of the lawyer in his or her ability to handle cases. Knowing everything is one thing. But to present it in a convincing and effective manner in court is another. Lawyers need to be able to present the circumstances and evidence in court with ease.

A look into the lawyer’s past record, in terms of the cases they have won and lost, will help to get a great deal of information about the lawyer’s overall abilities. While these aren’t an exhaustive list of things to look into, they will act as a general set of guidelines and principles that one can adopt, before selecting a lawyer to handle a case.