October 3, 2023

Personal injuries happen to people all the time on the job or in their private life. For example, an individual might work at a high traffic construction job that has a lot of people, tools, and vehicles constantly moving around the grounds. There is always the potential for someone to slip on a neglected box or trip over tools at the site and suffer a serious injury. Likewise, perhaps an individual goes shopping at a large mall and then they slip on a floor that was recently waxed and injure their ankle. Oftentimes the individual is unsure of what they should do after such an incident. Should they sue? Should they hire a lawyer? Should they just let it go? Depending on the extent of the injury, medical fees (yes, even in Canada) can end up costing the individual thousands of dollars out-of-pocket, so it is always important to hire legal representation as soon as possible to receive the benefits they deserve.3

Legal Representation

Often a person that is injured does not have a clue about legal proceedings. Therefore, they will probably make fatal errors in judgment that inevitably cost them money. A qualified slip and fall lawyer like the Goodman Law Group in Toronto will make sure that the client receives the benefits they deserve.

Handle Insurance Companies

The fact is that insurance companies have high-powered legal representation. An individual without any type of legal representation is going to lose out to the insurance company’s legal team. The top slip and fall lawyers in Toronto are equipped to deal with high-powered legal professionals and settle a personal injury case successfully.

Timing Is Important

Any person who is injured in a slip and fall accident has a limited time to file a claim for personal injury, a timeframe known as the statute of limitations. For example, a person that is injured in a slip and fall accident while on the job has a limited time to file a claim for worker’s compensation benefits. If the accident happened on public property, the individual has a week to file a claim. Hire an attorney and file that claim immediately.

Prove Negligence

The legal system is very complicated and it is very difficult for the average individual that is involved with a personal injury case to prove negligence on his or her own. A legal professional has the experience, skills, tools, and training to identify negligence in a case quite quickly. For example, a claimant tripped over a short hedge outside of a mall. The other legal team might accuse the person filing the claim of negligence byignoring warning signs at the site or texting on a phone and not looking around. Their accusations might dramatically affect the outcome of a case, but a legal professional working on your side will help protect the claimant from any accusations the opposition might make.

A Lawyer Provides Peace Of Mind

Filing claims are very stressful – instead of worrying about the claim, the claimant is able to relax and focus on their health getting better because they know that their legal rights are protected.