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Get To Know the Claim Difference between Water and Flood Damages

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Water and flood damages usually destroy your property in a similar way. However, both are totally different in terms of the property insurance policy. Therefore, carefully use the terminology, when you apply for insurance claims.

Water damages insurance claim

Water disaster strikes suddenly due to events like broken pipes, frozen pipe leaks, appliance leakage, roof seepage, sewage backup, and other building elevations. The water loss claim process can be hard because the jargon can be confusing.

It is wise to hire a public adjuster for smooth navigation and settlement. The negotiations can get highly technical, which can affect the way settlement is determined. Therefore, property owners in Fort Lauderdale can look for experts from ProFloridian Claims Consultants firm.

What to do when a water loss occurs?

The first step is to start removing and drying the property instantly to mitigate the risks. Removing baseboards and finishing’s allowing air circulation across the wall system. Remove the wet carpets to stop mold growth. The next step is to contact a reliable public handler because the insurance company’s adjuster will always look for ways to reject or reduce the claim amount.

If you hire a water extraction company or restoration specialist ensure to get the charges approved from the insurer. A public handler will navigate with this process. The damage extent gets determined using the proper insurance company protocol. Proper disinfectant products are sprayed to prevent further damage from mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Water damages are the greatest expense that insurers struggle with, so they always try to shift the burden on the policyholder. They put terms like water damage reported after two weeks will not be covered in fine prints. The question is how you can decide if the water loss is 13 to 15 days old? Policyholders need to carefully understand the policy.

Flood insurance claims

Your standard home insurance policy does not cover flood damages. You will need to buy a special flood policy from a private insurance company. Floods can be due to overflowing rivers, heavy rain, flash flooding, and thawing snow. The flood damages need expert analysis to prove losses and support your claim.

Public claim adjuster can help you in water and flood damage claim settlements!