June 19, 2024

Slip-and-fall accidents are more prevalent than you may think. According to a report released by the National Floor Safety Institute, over 1 million people go the emergency room because of slip-and-fall accidents every year. These accidents occur because some residential and commercial property owners fail to maintain their premises adequately. Accident lawyers can hold business owners and homeowners responsible for victims’ damages. If you recently suffered any kind of injury in a slip-and-fall accident, you should know whether you can file for a legal claim and recover financial compensation for medical bills or other expenses by contacting CaliforniaInjuryAccidentLawyer.com.

Getting compensation

The damage caused in a slip-and-fall can lead to expensive ongoing care and treatment. Therefore, it is extremely important to prove fault in order to receive compensation to cover these huge medical bills and expenses. It is crucial to receive medical attention and report a slip-and-fall to the property management after the accident so that an accident report can be filed. You should notify the property’s management of the accident regardless of whether you are feeling any pain at the moment because even small injuries can worsen over time. Failing to notify the property’s management may deny you the chance to receive compensation later on.

The owner of a building is required to compensate you through the property’s liability claim. Property owners and managers can be held liable, if they fail to create safe environments on their premises such as blocked aisles, wet floors and failure to properly warn users and occupants about dangerous conditions in the building like ongoing remodeling project. Regardless of the scenario, you have the burden of proving that the property management should have known about the danger or ignored a hazard they were aware about.

Types of evidence used to prove fault

If you are a victim of a slip-and-fall, you should be careful on how you solicit information and statements regarding the incident. This is very important because any actions you take can also be used against you in court and you may end losing the case entirely or getting minimal compensation. Some of the types of evidence you can use include:

  • Accident reports filed after the slip-and-fall.
  • Supporting documents such as bills, reports, and emails that can prove that the property management or owner knew about the hazard.
  • Witness statements.
  • Useful information such as photos and videos that provide evidence to show the existence of a potentially hazardous condition.

In addition, if the evidence is used against you, it will ruin your chances of receiving compensation for things like medical bills, medical expenses, lost wages due to inability to work, and mental anguish due to loss of life enjoyment. On the other hand, you can bolster the strength your claim by on these compensations by collecting evidence such as medical records, income reports, testimonies from close friends or family members, and the doctor’s statements.

If you or your one of family members has fallen victim to a slip-and-fall accident, hire legal representation to help you build a strong claim. Contact us today and our personl injury attorney will help you collect enough evidence to prove fault in order to get the highest settlement or a favorable judgment.