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Helpful Information on the NJ Lemon Law

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Lemon laws were put into place to help protect the rights of consumers. Many people are unaware of the NJ Lemon Law and how it affects them when they purchase a motorized vehicle. With this guide, individuals will better understand their rights under this New Jersey law, so they can protect themselves effectively and ensure they do not get taken advantage of when purchasing a vehicle.

Understanding the Lemon Laws in New Jersey

New Jersey lemon laws protect buyers against vehicle purchases that have non-conformities, such as would prevent safe operation, impair use, or decrease the value. The non-conformity needs to be something a dealership cannot repair within a reasonable amount of time.

Like all states in the Union, New Jersey has adopted its own laws regarding the purchase of lemon vehicles. In the state, individuals must have had to put their vehicle in the shop at least three times for the same problem. The law also applies to those who have had their vehicle in the shop for twenty consecutive days or more.

Consumers in the state of New Jersey are protected under the lemon law if the damage is discovered within the first two years or 24,000 miles. Consumers should never be stuck with a lemon vehicle they cannot operate due to the seller or dealership making erroneous claims or avoiding proper disclosure of the facts.

What Are Some Common Outcomes for Lemon Law Cases?

Many people who are dealing with the purchase of a defective vehicle want to know more about the possible outcomes so they will be prepared. There are multiple outcomes that can occur with these cases and they include the following.

  • The seller may be forced to repurchase the vehicle for its entire purchase amount.
  • Buyers may be awarded significant compensation for devalue of the vehicle.
  • Often, individuals can receive compensation and still be allowed to keep the vehicle.

Should a Lawyer Be Hired?

Lemon victims often wonder if they will need to seek legal representation when pursuing the seller. The only reason people avoid legal help is because they mistakenly believe there will be a high cost involved. It is important to note that there is no fee involved in hiring a lawyer.

Hiring a lawyer is paramount for getting a fair outcome. Although the law is in favor of the consumer when it comes to purchasing lemon vehicles, it never hurts to have a lawyer working on an individual’s side. Once the lawyer is hired, they will take over the process of pursuing the seller and making sure they are held accountable.

How to Get Started

It is important individuals first schedule a free consultation appointment with the lawyer. At this appointment, individuals can discover information about the law and their rights. They will also be given information on what to expect through the process.

Do not go through the process alone. With legal representation, you are more likely to receive a fair outcome. Allow a lawyer to help you through the entire process.