June 19, 2024

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Following several law blogs is a very efficient way to stay up with the latest developments in the law and news. Commercial consciousness is a characteristic that helps anyone or a law firm to stand-out in what is a modest industry. If you are interested in creating your own blog on law or any other type niche you are interested in; there is a quick guide and information as well as an easy deal. There are also some top law firm blogs that you might want to keep up with.

Law blogs

These law blogs are new ones that just made this list. They not only look good, but they are also always up-to-date and give helpful, relevant, and reliable information as well as resources.


This blog is ardent to covering the United State Supreme Court without prejudice and according to the high journalistic and legal as well as ethical values. This blog is offered as a public service and founded in 2002.

Every merit cases

This blog goes over every merit case that will be argued before the court and written about at least 3 times:

  • Prior to argument;
  • Following argument;
  • After court decision

They have all the merit cases and the petition they cover and provide access to all the briefs.

Canna law blog

The Canna Law blog is a discussion forum with the subject being cannabis law and the impacts on the cannabis industry. This blog offers information into how cannabis business owners are able to use the law to their benefit and in language that is plain, and understood by everyone. Anyone can read about what works and what does not work if you are selling medical marijuana. Their aim is to help you strategize on using the law as both a sword and a shield.

Cannabis industry

Their intended audience is prospective and current cannabis industry stakeholders and they invite input that is constructive from anyone with a diverse perspective and backgrounds that are different.

Excellent place for news

If you are an attorney or work for an attorney, you might find the Law Blogs interesting and new information that you could use. Especially with laws and coverages on many different blogs.