December 2, 2023

Non-custodial parents who have a child support order in place need to remember that being incarcerated changes their circumstances. Even if they are put in jail for non-payment, they can request a review of their child support order. Hiring a child support attorney in Salt Lake City to answer their questions and work to get the situation is resolved is extremely important.

Non-payment of Child Support May Impact a Person’s Time in Jail

In Utah, if you don’t pay your child support, you can be sent to jail for up to 180 days. If you are in jail for another offense, allowing yourself to get behind in your child support payments can have a direct impact on how much time you spend behind bars. If being in jail puts you behind in your child support payments, the judge can add time to your existing sentence if you are found in civil contempt. When you have questions about how your child support will be affected by your incarceration and whether or not it will influence how much time you have to serve, talk to an attorney.

Modification of Child Support Order

If you are incarcerated for non-payment of child support or any other reason, talk to a child support attorney in Salt Lake City and ask about a Modification of Child Support Order. This type of order will modify your child support order while you are in jail so that you won’t be penalized for getting behind on your payments. Modification of Child Support Orders are commonly filed when the non-custodial parent is laid off of work or loses their job, but they also can be applied to situations in which the non-custodial parent is in jail.

Hiring A Child Support Attorney in Salt Lake City

If you are dealing with a divorce or trying to finalize custody and child support arrangements, it’s essential that you have an attorney who specializes in both custody and child support cases. This ensures that your rights are fully protected at all times and that your relationship with and obligations to your children upheld and met consistently. An attorney will be able to advise you on how to handle matters while you are incarcerated and will speak on your behalf in court. Although he can’t (and shouldn’t) stop your obligation to pay child support, he can suspend the payments until you are able to begin making them again.

Hiring a child support attorney in Salt Lake City will help you to understand your rights and obligations while you are incarcerated. He can act on your behalf and request a Modification of Child Support Order as well as ensure that you can resume your payments when your circumstances allow it. When you have questions or concerns, turn to a reputable attorney who can work with you! Call the Law Office of David Pedrazas today!