April 15, 2024

Some people assume that if they are harmed in an accident, they will be compensated promptly for a specified and calculable amount. “WHAT IS MY CASE WORTH?” they inquire of an attorney. If an attorney responds with a number, he or she is either entirely unskilled, untrustworthy, or both. In five minutes, it’s hard to put a realistic value on a case. This is why.

The Types and Amounts of Injuries

Hal Waldman & Associates, a Pittsburgh personal injury law firm, would not assign a value to a case until all of the losses have been verified. In most cases, determining the extent of the harm takes time. The following are some of them:

Medical costs from the past and the future

Earnings that have been lost in the past and will be lost in the future.

Any deformity or handicap that is permanent.

Treatment, suffering, and pain.

Life quality has deteriorated.


An expert car accident lawyer roseville ca simply cannot foresee how well a person would respond to treatment. In most situations, a car accident lawyer will also be unable to estimate the amount of insurance coverage available in a case.

Other considerations include comparative carelessness and whether or whether there was a pre-existing damage. Online settlement calculators are also unable to be trusted. Those are only devices used by lawyers who are seeking to attract new clients. At Hal Waldman & Associates, our goal is to maximize our clients’ settlements and verdicts while providing honest advice to potential clients from the time they walk in the door. Please contact us if you would like to talk with one of our Pittsburgh personal injury attorneys directly.