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How to Find the Right Conveyancing Solicitor?

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As soon as a deal has been agreed upon by you, regarding the selling or buying of a property, you will need the help of conveyancing solicitors in London right away. Since they can help you by looking over the entire process regarding the legal ownership of the property and ensuring that all the aspects are under the law.

To understand why you need conveyancing solicitors in London and not regular solicitors in London, for your deal, you need to understand the basic difference between the two:

  • Firstly the commonality exists in the fact that solicitors, as well as conveyancers, are regulated fully and also insured. When they end up handling your property, both of them will undergo similar procedures and practices as the laws that bind the property and their job are the same. The main difference, however, will arise when you ask them for a quote and you will notice that there’s a considerable difference in what they ask you for then.
  • Conveyancing Solicitors in London are actually specialists when it comes to property laws and thus their main area of focus on a day to day basis is residential property. Hence, you will see that they deal with transactions such as yours, on a daily basis.
  • Solicitors in London on the other hand, have an expansive training in a wide area of laws, and can actually offer a range of services, be it a legal matter that you need to take someone to court, or even a divorce proceeding.

Thus, if you hire solicitors to take care of all the legal aspects of your property you will end up paying much more than you would to convincing solicitors in London.

Now coming to the things that you need to keep in mind when you have, out of all the conveyancing solicitors in London, have chosen the one for you:


  • Firstly conveyancing as a process, is generally intensive on paperwork and it is quite essential that you pay attention so that all the paperwork is taken care of in the right manner. Any small issue can end up derailing the entire deal. If the conveyancing solicitor in London is not dedicated and diligent about his work, you may end up suffering in terms of delays that can happen in the process.
  • One of the benefits of technology that you can avail is that you can ask your conveyancing solicitor, to do proceedings online, so that everything can be kept a track of. All these tracking facilities will give you access to the information at any given time of the day.
  • Many a time conveyancing solicitors in London can be difficult to get a hold of, this means that you might find it hard to track them down. Getting answers regarding the processes for your deal going on, might be difficult to get. This holds true, generally much more for solicitors who take up other work beside conveyancing, which means they might be in and out of court a lot, which ends up hampering any steady communication with them. Thus, it is best to choose conveyancing solicitors in London who are based out of an office, which is much easier to get a hold of.

So there you have it, keep these tips in mind, when looking to find conveyancers for your property deal.