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How To Obtain Palm Beach County Criminal Records

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If you are looking for information on criminal records, specifically those that have been filed in Palm Beach County, you can actually do some of this research online. On the public records website for the Clerk and Controller of Palm Beach County, you can search court records. This is an option that is much better for some people that would prefer not driving into get this information. However, there are benefits to going in personally, opposed to looking on the Internet. Here are a few tips on how to obtain this information in the most efficient manner.

What Records Do They Have Available?

The records that they have available when you visit include case data and document images. They also have civil, criminal, and all of the traffic court records that are accessible. To use their database, it’s actually free to do so online. You can also get access to downloadable criminal and civil reports which are available for purchase and can be viewed as either a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel or a PDF file. This will include eviction notices, crime reports, and also information on any divorce. Once you have looked at their website, you might find that it would be much easier to get all of this information over the web.

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Is It Necessary To Go Down To The Courthouse?

In our digital age, it is so easy to access this information, there is really no need to drive down for most of this info. The Palm Beach County criminal records are easy to go through. You can also find sealed cases which will include court orders. This website also makes it very easy for attorneys to register as the attorney of record for court cases, and there is also a pretrial release register. There are many other documents that you can gain access to, and if you have a question, you can always email them or call. They make this as easy as possible if you need specific information which is all at your fingertips if you do this over the Internet.

If you have not been to the Palm Beach County website to look for criminal records yet, you might find that this is the best way to get your information quickly. Whether you need to simply see it, or receive a PDF or spreadsheet of that information, that will also be available. Technology has really made accessing this information faster than ever before. Get your Palm Beach County criminal records from their website today.  For the best DUI lawyers in West Palm Beach you want to go here.