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How to Reduce Your DUI Charges?

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NetNewsLedger - Tips to Decrease the Effects of DUI Charges

Driving under the influence (DUI) charges might change your life permanently. It might lead to rejection of your housing application; you may also lose your job. As DUI offenses may lead to such serious consequences, you must always look to come up with the strongest possible DUI defense. Ideally, you should try to reduce your charges

The section below will educate you about the most effective ways of mitigating damages of DUI charges. 

Join a Drunk-Driving Education Program 

Most states have drunk-driving education programs that a DUI convict may complete instead of spending time behind bars. If you have the right legal representation, you will also not need to give any penalties. 

These DUI education classes will inform you about the dangers of driving under the influence. You will get to know how drugs and alcohol affect your body and mind. 

Some states require every DUI convict to complete an AEP or alcohol education program. For other states, those classes serve as mitigating options. For instance, some states will reinstate your license only if you complete a DUI education program. 

Use Plea Bargain 

At times, states come up with questionable evidence against the DUI offender. If you are in such a situation, your lawyer may negotiate for having a plea bargain. The plea bargain would mean that the offender will plead guilty and the prosecutor will reduce sentencing and/or charges. 

States tend to consider using a plea bargain when the DUI case has inadequacies. For instance, if there’s insufficient evidence or no probable cause to pull you over, you may opt for a plea bargain. Evidence remains insufficient mostly when the DUI offender refuses to take the blood sample or breath analysis test. 

Accept Probation and Complete It

First time DUI offenders might find themselves eligible for probation. Once you accept probation, you will not need to serve a jail sentence. Your state should allow you to opt for probation if your criminal history is otherwise clean. At times, completing probation successfully may even prevent you from facing a conviction. 

Your probation terms may include the following:

  • Complete a DUI education program 
  • Undergoing evaluation for substance abuse 
  • Paying court fines
  • Suspension of driver’s license 
  • Undergoing random drug tests 
  • Multiple meetings with a court-appointed probation office 
  • Paying probation fees 

Complete a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program 

The number of options for DUI defense tends to be much lower for repeat offenders. If you are a repeat offender, you will most likely face considerable prison time. You may face such consequences even if you caused an accident, death, injury when driving under the influence. 

The only feasible way of mitigating your sentence for the above charges is agreeing to complete an inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. The court may ask you to choose between jail time and inpatient treatment. Note that you’ll need to spend the same amount of time at the rehab center if you decide against going to jail. 


These were just a few methods you may use to reduce your charges. If you hire a qualified lawyer, he will come up with more effective ways of mitigating your sentence.