October 5, 2023

It isn’t hard to determine when a small business needs to look into networking some of its operations. Many of today’s workplace functions are electronic, and if your tiny shop is leaning more toward streamlining your processes, it might be time to consider an HP Proliant DL380G7 server. Here are four indicators that your business has officially entered into the 21st century.

  1. Email

If you started off with one email but now have a staff and would like to give each of them an email address, your best bet is to move your data onto a server that will support and process company email as well. You don’t want to stick with using cloud email services for too long, as these decrease your ability to manage your company’s email operations. Rather, a dedicated server that handles your company’s email only, rather than millions of people’s activity, gives you full control.

  1. Everyone Needs to Access the Data

When you began your business, it was just you. Now, you have a small staff that needs to access the same data you do. An HP Proliant DL380G7 server allows you to store your company data in one secure place and give everyone access to a part or all of it depending on their function within your organization. This makes everyone’s job easier, as he or she has the information he or she needs right at his or her fingertips directly from each workstation.

  1. You Have Confidential Data

You do not want your company data, especially financial and customer information stored on one hard drive or a memory stick that carry around with you. This is a recipe for disaster and a sure-fire way to have your business stolen from you. Network servers are designed to be secure; in fact, this is why businesses use them. They have expansive firewalls that can be configured to protect all critical and confidential information.

  1. Share Resources

Finally, when you place your company’s technology onto a shared server you share resources. This saves you money in the end. When everyone has access to one company printer from their workstation, you needn’t worry about buying more. You can also load the software you use onto your shared server and then purchase licenses only for each user. Imagine how much money you’ll save buying only one copy of Microsoft Office Suite as opposed to 10 copies.

Contact a qualified vendor to discuss the HP Proliant DL380G7 server. Whether you purchase new or used, this hardware will streamline and protect your business.