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If You’re An Immigrant In Houston You Need An Expert Lawyer

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The law is strict when it comes to immigrants. Houston is one of the cities where a lot of people live and they weren’t live in the States. Immigrants who still have no green card also live there. There are more than 25% of people who are not native-born.

Knowing that there are almost 2.5 million people in Houston you can only imagine how many people this means. The institutions working on these cases have a lot of work to do but they still manage in time to get every case.

If you’re one of these cases, you need to get the best lawyer working on this matter. The reason for this is that the stakes are too high and risking to be deported over something like this shouldn’t be an option. Learn more about deportation here.

During the process of reviewing your case, the immigration workers will ask you to do several tests to prove that you should stay in the country. You’ll also need to provide a lot of documents for the same reason.

More often than not, you’ll have trouble in providing these document and more importantly, you won’t be able to properly introduce them and explain them to the judge. You need the best one for this thing because the alternative is to get deported and that’s not something you’d like to do.

Choose experience over money

Attorneys do not come cheap. Their work is expensive and you’ll surely need to spend some money if you want to get a good service. You shouldn’t bargain and look for someone more affordable because their work is appreciated and you can get a lot more later if you spend some money than the other way around.

An experienced attorney will know how things work and what can be expected from your case. Unlike the young ones who didn’t go through a lot of situations and won’t know how to act when something seriously problematic comes up their way. You’ll lose the case and get deported while they will continue working nothing happened. They only gained experience on your behalf.

Track record is very important too

A lawyer who’s in the business for decades but won almost no cases will surely have a lot of experience. However, the chance to win for you is almost none if they didn’t manage to get a good track record by now.

On the other hand, if you hire someone who’s not so experienced like this one, but have a perfect track record, then it’s better to hire them. The point is that experience is highly important and no can have an absolutely negative score of wins and losses. Everyone’s there to win and will do their best, but you need to make a perfect combination of both experience and score.

What is the alternative and why the immigration attorney is so important?

The alternative is becoming a fugitive and eventually be caught by the police and taken to the border or at the airport where you’ll be deported. On top of this, you’ll probably be forbidden to enter the country for some time or maybe even forever.

Getting a professional is highly important. You can’t rely on a relative you have living in another state who’s working in some other area of the legal matter. You need a person who’s specialized for immigrant law like Anne Kennedy lawyer from Houston, because this is a separate branch of the law and it’s complex enough to be thought all the way through. She practices this for almost 20 years and is a great pick.


Everything said above tells you why it’s important to have an immigration attorney if your stay is not completely regulated in the USA. Houston has a lot of these professionals and you need to choose only the best if you want success for your case.

Thinking you can do this alone or not being able to afford one means you’ll surely fail and be asked to leave. If you don’t do it on your own, you’ll surely be deported and getting legal papers later will be much harder than at the beginning. Hire a good lawyer and make sure you stay in the States.