July 18, 2024

It is common to file an injury settlement claim following an accident. But how can you be sure to receive the optimum settlement benefits? This blog is intended to discuss some important tips on how you can make the most of your injury settlement claims.

Estimate a Settlement Amount

Before making a formal claim for settlement, it is important to estimate the range for the worth of your claim. You should have a minimum figure in your mind before talking to the adjuster in this regard. By doing so, you can set the bottom line as the figure tends to oscillate up and down while the negotiations are still underway. Sometimes, the adjuster may press you to accept an amount much lower than the minimum figure you decided. But as you know what you deserve, don’t take a quick decision.

However, you must not be rigid if the adjuster explains some facts you did not consider before and those make your claim much cheaper than your expectation; you should accept the lower figure. If the adjuster starts from somewhere closer to your preset bottom line and you find reasons why the claim should go up, you should revise the lower figure anticipated previously.

First Offer Is Not Always the Best Offer

It is a common practice of the insurance adjusters to start negotiations from a very low settlement figure or rejecting the claims outright. They do so in order to figure out whether you have good understanding of how much your claim is worth or if you just need quick settlement at any price.

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A little bit of bargaining over the settlement offer will take you closer to a fair figure for both parties. Don’t show rigidity during claim negotiations. At the same time, if you are very adjustable, the insurance company will easily convince you to accept a much lower offer. Try to make your case stronger by emphasizing on the points that will work in your favour.

Make Most of Emotional Points

An accident and following injuries result into several emotional consequences that you can make the most of during negotiation for compensation claim. If you are severely injured or your vehicle has been severely damaged, you should send the insurance adjuster the photos in support of your claim for compensation amount. You may allude to the similar accidents happened at the same location.  If your injury is preventing you from doing routine works or taking care of your kids, mention how much suffering it is meant for your close ones.

Emotional stress cannot be measured in dollars but a mention of what you are going through could be a way to get the best settlement offer. It is not emotional blackmailing but definitely an effort to emotionally move the adjuster so that the insurance company gets round to your claim or at least, closer to it.

Know the Right Time to Involve a Lawyer

If you find that negotiations are not going as expected, you should consider hiring a Naqvi Injury Law professional. You should seek consultation with an attorney if

  • You are demanding more than a few thousand dollars for your physical injury, pain and suffering
  • You are claiming for future damages
  • You find a question of fault