September 26, 2023

You have just been involved in an accident and are wondering what to do to get the highest compensation possible. Unknown to you, it all depends on what you do after the accident. We show you what actions will earn you the highest compensation levels.

Find Treatment

Most of us tend to ‘man up’ and go on with our lives after an accident. That is wrong because you will be increasing your chances of further injury, and lowering the chances of maximum compensation. Treatment records are a plus in a compensation case in court.

Limit Your Audience

By that we mean to should only discuss the injuries with your lawyer and your doctor. Other than that, keep quiet about them as they may land you into problems. Also, only make official statements in the presence of your attorney as it will save you lots of trouble.

Document the Scene

The best way to do that would be to take pictures of as many things as possible. That includes the weather and road conditions, the injuries sustained, the damaged property and everything else. Anything changing the conditions will also likely change story in court. Beyond that, also record any statements ​from the eye witnesses and even those who were involved in the accident. Also take pictures of the number plates and colors of the cars around and in the incident. The point is to have as much as much information from the scene as possible.

You can make it better by taking videos and panoramic pictures of the scene. Your lawyer will be able to see which parts of the street the accident occurred on, what the weather conditions were like and many other aspects. It is all about keeping record for the court.

Always Have the Police Report

At the scene of the accident, the police will give you a card with the case number and the name of the officer in charge. This is when you will issue a statement. The next day, make sure you follow up to the case and obtain a copy of the police report to correct any errors from it.

Have Medical Records

Any medical records you have should be neatly kept in a given space such as a folder or envelope. These include the visits you made to the doctor, any medical receipts and laboratory tests with their results. If you went for physical therapy sessions, have the records also kept as needed. You should not miss any details about your medical history since the court will base on it to determine the level of compensation you will be getting. Also, have any braces or casts kept for evidence purposes.

Lost Time and Work

Chances are that you missed some days at work or other activity you take part in. You should keep a record of these days from the first one you missed to the last one be it at work or school.

Record Any Other Costs

There are costs beyond the medical ones. These may include repairs on the motorcycle, cloths and the property damaged. It may also include any other charges the victim could have incurred owing to the accident. If you got late and missed out on a business deal, put that in writing.

Personal injuries are always one of the main points of concern when in a compensation court proceeding. To obtain the highest level of compensation, keep as much evidence as possible for your side. Also, be careful of what you say to anyone who asks you about the incident. Insurance firms aim to pay the least amount of money to victim demands so keep that in mind.