March 4, 2024

If you have experienced a house fire and there was significant damage to your roof, you don’t have time to waste repairing it. Waiting to repair your roof will lead to other significant damage to your property, and you may not be able to use it at all until the repairs have been completed. The inside of your house is potentially open to the elements, including rain, when your roof structure is compromised.

Unfortunately, you may have turned in your claim to your insurance company only to have them put you on hold while they investigate it. Obviously, they need to look at your property and assess the damage so that they know how much money your claim will cost. But if they have sent you a notice letting you know that at this time they have decided not to pay your claim, you need to consult a property claims lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL.

Suspicious Circumstances

When the fire investigators don’t turn up a cause, they won’t be able to definitively give a reason for the fire. This can happen because often the fire itself destroys the evidence that would have revealed the cause of the fire. Sometimes there really is no way to say for sure what happened.

In that case, your insurance company may have decided not to pay your claim, because the fire inspectors didn’t rule out arson as a possible cause. A property claims lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL can help you deal with an insurance company like this which is acting in bad faith.

Are You Responsible for a Potential Arson?

Your insurance company owes you the damages from your claim according to the contract you have with them. In fact, you are not responsible for damages from a deliberately set fire unless either you or another person insured under your insurance contract was responsible for setting the fire. Refusing to pay your claim just makes you the victim again.

When insurance companies doesn’t compensate you for your losses so that their insureds can repair their properties and move on with their lives, they are acting in bad faith. They are also failing to live up to the terms of the written agreement they have with you to insure your property, when their entire job is to protect you from the financial risk of these kinds of disasters.

If you are being held in limbo by your insurance company, get the help of a property claims lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL. Call Silver, Bass & Brams today for a free consultation.