March 4, 2024

There are many difficult decisions to make when going through a divorce. While there are many steps to a divorce, one of the toughest to handle is whether or not to keep your home or put it up for sale. If you find yourself faced with having to make the decision on whether to sell your home or not, getting professional advice can help you feel confident in the direction you choose to take.

Who Can Help You Make a Decision on Your Home?

The first thing to consider is whether or not you are open to the idea of selling your marital home. If you think that you want to sell your home and move on then you may want to talk with a realtor to discuss the value of your home and any repairs, changes, or updates you may need to make to get ready to place your home on the market. Talking to a real estate broker can also affect your decision on whether or not to sell your home. If the housing market in your area isn’t going to provide you with good value it may be best to rethink selling your home despite going through a divorce.

What happens if you are unsure of your options or want to stay in the home if at all possible. Some people go to their accountants for advice on budgets and the financial implications of keeping the home during and after a divorce. While this is helpful, it’s only the beginning of the decision-making process.

Turning to a NY divorce mediator can help you examine the pros and cons of both keeping and selling your home by addressing other, relevant issues. Mediators can help you determine how to proceed if one partner wants to buy the other out, and if that’s a realistic solution for your situation, how to stay partners in the home with one of you residing there with your children. Divorce mediation can help you find an arrangement that makes one of these creative options possible. Although there are times that, after exploring all possibilities, there is no other choice but to sell. That decisions is often more palatable and accepted when explained by a neutral third party.


Other Factors to Consider

In making the decision to sell, or to stay in your home, it is important to consider everything about your home, including market conditions. Is it currently a seller’s or buyer’s market? How much are taxes and will they impact in a way that might make your home less affordable to you in the future? On the other hand, if you are renting a portion of your home, or have the ability to rent in the future, your home may be a very reasonable place to house your children, at least until they graduate.

When making a decision about your home and future during your divorce it is important to be thorough and calculated in your decisions. For most couples, it can feel overwhelming. If you need help with these, and other important choices you are facing, call a divorce mediator. They can help get you on the right path by exploring all the options available that may not be apparent.