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Know What’s Right: Explaining Your Rights as a Worker

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As an employee, sometimes you feel as if you don’t have any control over what happens at work. However, you have a variety of rights which you should know about.

Right to Receive Workers’ Compensation

If you are injured in a workplace accident and can’t work for a while, you’re entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Your injury must be directly related to negligence at your workplace, and you must file an accident report as soon as possible. If you think that your supervisor is not respecting your rights in this area, contact an Iowa workers compensation attorney immediately.

Right to Collectively Bargain

You have the right to collectively bargain with other workers, either through a formalized union or by collaborating with your fellow employees to bring your concerns to your supervisors. It’s easier to gain your bosses’ attention when you join with other employees, and your ability to do so is protected by the law.

Right to Be Paid

Your employer owes you wages for every hour that you work and cannot ask you to work overtime without compensating you. Keep track of your hours carefully, preferably through a time tracking app, and check your pay stub against your personal totals every pay period. Watch out for employers who engage in forced and unpaid labor and other modern forms of slavery, all of which are illegal. If you suspect that your employer is not paying you fairly, contact an attorney or your union immediately. 

Right to Avoid Child Labor

Strict laws govern how many hours minors can work, particularly children who are younger than 16. Check your state and county regulations to find out how long children are allowed to work at your business and how frequently they should take breaks.

Stay educated about your rights as a worker so that your company doesn’t exploit you.