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If you are thinking about buying or renting real estate in Israel, then you probably came up with the idea of how to protect yourself at the time of the transaction. Lawyers are qualified specialists in this matter. They will provide you with high-quality professional advice, support of your transaction and its execution. You can read more about legal services in Israel here.

So what specific services does a real estate and land lawyer provide?

The types of services in different companies may vary, but the main points in land issues and real estate issues are:

  • Individual consultation;
  • Verification of the legality of all previously issued documents;
  • Verification of other persons who are entitled to use the property;
  • Conducting a legal examination of documents that certify ownership;
  • Verification of documentation in accordance with the law;
  • Settlement of land disputes;
  • Specialist support, including personal support during the trial.

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These are the types of services that are provided by almost all law firms. Our company, in addition to all of the above, will help you in:

  • Drawing up rental conditions for apartments and commercial premises;
  • Drawing up contracts of sale of apartments, land and commercial premises;
  • Conducting all procedures in the Israeli land administration (Taboo);
  • Representation in court on controversial issues when renting real estate;
  • Real estate consulting.

What else sets us apart from our competitors?

Service. We always try to quickly and efficiently solve the problems of our customers and put their interests above everything else. Repeated appeals of our clients are the best indicator of the quality of our work.

Professional approach. Our lawyers are well aware of the principles of work of state institutions and all the nuances of Israeli law, and perfectly apply this in practice.

Our task is not only to solve the client’s problem, but also to provide him with advice that will help to avoid legal problems and make transactions as profitable as possible.

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