February 25, 2024

Divorce, the legal procedure for ending a marriage, is a challenging and sometimes emotionally draining undertaking for most people even when it proceeds smoothly. However, this endeavor can be made considerably more difficult when one or both members of the splitting faction executes specific actions that could complicate their cases or damage their credibility. What legal errors should divorcing individuals refrain from making during their separation process?

Going On The Offensive

Should a couple decide to divorce, both parties are usually well-served if they attempt to face their split and iron out their differences in as amicable and calm a manner possible. If one or both sides initiates the action by making inflammatory accusations or unreasonable demands,anger, bitterness and resentment will likely develop and resonate throughout the process. Such behavior could not only result in a more complicated legal proceeding that drags on for a long duration but may also make resolution or settlement much more difficult.

Trying Your Case In The Court Of Public Opinion

In today’s technologically advanced era of smartphones and social media, almost everyone has a profile on specific outlets such as Facebook.These forums should, under no circumstances, become a platform for any divorcing individual to either discuss the particulars of his or her case or for the purpose of denigrating their soon-to-be former spouse. It is crucial to realize that many people view these very public domains and material that is perceived to be inflammatory or threatening could be used by someone’s ex or his or her lawyer(s) against them and result in serious adverse consequences.

Rushing To Complete The Process Too Quickly

Considering divorce is a tedious and occasionally painful process, most of those experiencing it yearn to finish the proceedings quickly.However, rushing through the proceedings could potentially yield a deleterious outcome in regards to finances and child custody.People should realize that resolving all pertinent issues often requires the completion of several steps.

Failing To Comprehend Which Assets Will Be Divided

Many divorcing spouses fail to comprehend that the courts in many states subscribe to the equitable distribution principle, which determines how the splitting couple’s assets will be divided.Distributed assets are not only defined as a house and a few bank accounts. Any asset the couple accumulated or earned during their married lives can be subjected to this principle, including items such as retirement accounts, vehicles, business holdings and collectibles like jewelry and other valuable possessions.

Hiring The Wrong Divorce Attorney

A divorcing individual needs to hire an attorney he or she trusts and is compatible with. That said, the most critical element of the attorney client relationship is that the attorney will support how the client wishes to proceed with the divorce.Regardless of whether the client wishes to pursue mediation, work towards a settlement or initiate court proceedings, his or her attorney should support that decision. If you reside in Utah and are considering divorce, the Law Offices of David Pedrazas may be able to help you. For more information about the services our team of experienced divorce lawyers offer, please visit UtahDivorce.biz.