September 26, 2023

Some people make a lot of mistakes when hiring a criminal defence lawyer, they usually accept the first one that comes along without asking them some important questions about their background. If you want a top-quality solicitor, you must inquire about their experience, field of expertise, and other relevant information. Here are some mistakes to avoid when hiring a criminal defence solicitor.

Try to Avoid a Public Defence Solicitor

Public defence solicitors are experienced, knowledgeable individuals, who do their best to represent their clients. Unfortunately, they are extremely overworked, poorly paid and not given the recognition they deserve. They are usually appointed to clients who can’t afford to pay for a private solicitor, so they’ll have an enormous workload with very little resources. It is very challenging for a public defence solicitor to give one particular case the attention it deserves, they only have a small amount of time to concentrate on a case before they have to move on. A private defence solicitor in Perth will give your case all the time it needs, they’ve unlimited resources and a team of highly skilled personnel around them. Although it costs more, it is worth it, considering a criminal conviction is a very serious matter, and having one will cause you all sorts of problems with jobs, visas and other things.

Choose a Specialist

A lot of people make the mistake of hiring a lawyer, without asking about their background. Lawyers are like doctors, they specialise in different fields, so you must find one who has extensive knowledge of criminal law. You wouldn’t hire a psychiatrist to treat a heart problem, so why hire a lawyer who has spent their career dealing with traffic offences. It is vitally important that you contact an experienced criminal defence lawyer, an individual who knows the law inside out.

Look for Experience

When it comes to any field, experience is crucial, especially when you need someone to represent you because you are facing a criminal conviction. It is advisable to hire a solicitor with at least 10 years’ experience in criminal law, the more experience they have the better equipped they will be. A lawyer who has practised for many years should have plenty of courtroom time, along with a good working relationship with numerous judges and prosecutors. It is best not to hire a new solicitor, criminal charges are serious, they call for experienced representation.

Hire a City Solicitor

The reason for hiring a city solicitor is simple, they’ve seen a wider variety of cases, and they’ve more experience because they operate in a big city. So, if you are looking for legal representation in WA, the first place you should look is in Perth, the same goes for other states.

The information provided above is to help you avoid making big mistakes when hiring a criminal defence lawyer, it is not something you should take lightly, a criminal conviction is a serious offence and having a criminal record causes a lot of problems you’d rather avoid. Hire a professional, experienced lawyer to guarantee success.