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Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

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Getting a divorce is an emotionally charged process for many different reasons. If you want your divorce to proceed smoothly, your case needs to be handled by a darn good divorce lawyer. It’s up to the divorcing spouse to hire a good attorney. All too often, some end up with messy situations where the attorney is not really good. It’s important not to make the following mistakes when hiring a divorce lawyer:

Hiring a General Lawyer

When you want divorce help in Scottsdale, Austin, Providence, or in your local area, you should specifically seek out a divorce attorney or a family lawyer. Divorce is a subfield under family law in legal terms. So a family lawyer or a divorce attorney is a lawyer who specializes in the type of law that affects marriages and issues like child custody. You shouldn’t hire your bankruptcy lawyer to file a divorce case as well. Divorces typically involve delicate matters such as child custody, property division, alimony and many other issues. Therefore, you absolutely need a lawyer who specializes in these subjects.

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Hiring a Lawyer Based on Money Alone

Divorces can be very expensive, and most lawyers charge by the hour. However, do not hire a lawyer just because they are the “cheapest” or most affordable. The first quality you should seek in a divorce attorney is whether you feel comfortable with the lawyer. Divorce is a very sensitive topic. You will have to discuss some very personal matters with the lawyer before getting a court resolution. So if you don’t feel comfortable with the lawyer, and cannot easily communicate with the lawyer, don’t hire the lawyer. Find a lawyer you can be at ease with when discussing personal matters pertaining to the case.

Not Checking the Lawyer’s Background

Most lawyers are very savvy at marketing themselves. So, don’t judge the lawyer by the bus stop advertisement. You should always check the credentials of the attorney and find out what other clients have said. You can ask the lawyer upfront if he or she has ever been charged with an ethics violation. The lawyer is legally obliged to give you a truthful answer. You can also go online and do a background check on the attorney. There could be client reviews you can read on online law directors if any are available.

Not Asking the Right Questions

When you go for the initial consultation with a prospective attorney for your divorce, don’t let the lawyer do all the talking. It is a job interview, and you are the employer. You should be the one asking questions. And the lawyer should be able to accurately and adequately answer your questions. If not, you should go find someone else.

Hiring a Lawyer Who is Just Too Busy

Yours will not be the only case the lawyer will be handling. However, you should not hire a lawyer who is overwhelmed with work. You can tell whether a lawyer is busy or not if he or she gets constantly interrupted during consultations, have to put off consultations due to other commitments, or is often not familiar with the fine details of your case. You will have to find a lawyer who has plenty of time to go over your case file and represent you fairly in court if needed.

Chances are that in a contested divorce, you might be stuck with an attorney for months or even years. Therefore, hire the best attorney for your case by avoiding the above mistakes.