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Mistakes To Avoid When You Are Involved In A Car Accident In Florida

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Accidents happen when you least expect it and it is the same with car accidents too. The shock that one feels after an accident can make the person confused and disoriented. If you are involved in a car accident in Florida then avoid the following mistakes:

  • I spoke to a lawyer in a Miami personal injury law firm and his first advice was that the persons involved in the accident should never flee from the place. Most people while in shock tend to leave the scene and hope that everything turns out fine. This is totally wrong and the person can be dealt with very severely as it comes under hit and run accidents. Ideally the person should wait for the cops to arrive and take stock of the situation. Once the cops allow you to go you can go.
  • Another mistake that many people who are in a crash commit is to not call paramedics after calling the cops. The insurance company will use this as an argument to not provide you coverage. The insurance company will say that you were not severely injured and hence did not call paramedics and since the injury is superficial there was no need for insurance pay-outs.
  • When a car crash occurs you can have a sense of guilt and if you see that the other person is injured more than you, out of compassion you may use phrases like, ‘I am sorry’, ‘I did not mean to drive fast’, ‘It is my mistake’, etc. You should never use such sentences, in all probability the other driver could be under the influence and could have caused the accident. The best advice is to keep quiet and let the police and the insurers to investigate and report it.
  • Some people tend to lose their cool and some even try to get physical with the other party. This is one of the biggest mistakes and you will be hampering your situation considerably when doing this. Be mature and wait for the authorities and it will help you in your claims.
  • The biggest mistake that a person can make after an accident is to refuse any medical help. When a person does that the opposite party and their insurance agents feel that the person is not injured and trying to loot them. Even if you seem fine, it is imperative to get medical help. Some injuries that are internal can manifest later. For example, if you have a head injury, the symptoms may only occur after a few hours when the shock wears off, so get medical treatment and it will aid you with your insurance claims.