April 15, 2024

You know, it is quite exciting to start a business in this day and age. We have the technology and the tools to be able to compete even with the biggest of companies out there. There systems you can install in your laptops for optimal performance, mobile applications to access documents wherever, third party systems like a property title search to look for appropriate store locations at the comfort of your office or home, and so on.

These innovations that were geared towards business can make anyone excited to start producing their own line of products or services. However, as much as we are surrounded by all of these advancements, there is one thing we just cannot fight off: the motivation to be productive.

Oh yes, the great mind killer is being unmotivated. Oftentimes, it is the only hindrance to an otherwise amazing plan of execution. If you are just starting with your business, it is important to be able to maintain that excitement all throughout the process to be efficient and productive. Here we have listed mobile applications that can help increase your productivity when you feel like it has plateaued.


If you are the kind of person who enjoys visuals, Inkflow may just be the app for you. You can put your ideas and plans as if you are writing them down on pen and paper. Then arrange them in a more organised fashion afterward, upload them, and get a clearer, more picture-perfect version of your doodled ideas. You can use Inkflow for taking down notes during meetings and conferences, save them, and then organise later. Doodling has been proven to be a helpful tool to keep your mind stimulated, maybe now you can have a more levelled up use for it with Inkflow.


Highrise is an app that is perfect for a relatively big group. It is a CRM tool that allows you to monitor tasks and objectives assigned to or done by every member of the team. It also gives you a good view of your own tasks and objectives, and if you have accomplished them. You can integrate it with email accounts and calendars for a more precise tracking, you can even link it to your social media accounts.

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Who does not like making lists, right? It is one of the oldest and most effective ways to remember what you are supposed to do. Wunderlist allows you to create different lists filed or organised under different categories. You can have access to your lists on any device because it is saved on a cloud system. It also has the ability to share the lists with different users, so your collaboration with your team is very easy. You can set a date and time for each task so that it prompts you if you need to hustle to get it done and get a notification once a team member has accomplished the task already.


For anyone who keeps forgetting their passwords, Keeper should be on your phones. It keeps all your security information for all of your accounts and then syncs it to any device. Do not worry about hacking because it keeps the information behind a master password. If it detects a threat, it will delete all the information so that nothing is compromised. You can also set up a group option to assign which person is in charge of specific accounts.

They say procrastination and being unmotivated is just a construct created by our minds to keep us from being proactive. While that may be the case, even a person who is strong-willed can fall victim to it every now and then. So let us use the technology available to us to fight it off. Download these mobile apps and see to it that you remain active in your business.