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Myths About Bail Bondsmen

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If you have a loved one who has been arrested, you may be looking for ways to help bail him or her out. This is where a bail bondsman comes in. Unfortunately, when it comes to bondsmen, there are misconceptions that can confuse defendants or lead others away from seeking from an agent. Where is what you need to know about the myths.

Bail Bonds Agents Are Shady

Some people link bond agents with criminals. The truth is that bondsmen are not criminals, they are an important part of the criminal justice system. Every person deserves to defend themselves in the criminal process. It can be difficult to help with your defense if you are behind bars. A local bail bondsman is a trustworthy individual who is willing to help. Bondsmen are not there to take advantage of a person’s circumstances. In fact, an agent cannot charge excessive fees. The business is heavily regulated.

Bail Bonds Agents Can Determine Bail

There is a misconception that a bail bonds agent can help determine a person’s bail. When you hire the help of an agent, he or she has nothing to do with setting bail. The bondsman may have an idea of the type of bail that the defendant is facing before he or she even learns the number, but this is from experience alone. Most court systems have a schedule that judges look at to set bail. While other factors, such as a person’s criminal past and flight risk can affect the bail amount, there is a standard. Judges, however, set bail, not the bondsman.

Sometimes, the myths can stop a person from looking to a bondsman for help. A bail bonds agent is there to help defendants get out of jail.  It helps to know what they can and cannot do.