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Why you would need a criminal lawyer in Campbelltown

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Have you found yourself in a sticky situation and in need of a criminal lawyer? Is Campbell town your suburb of residence?

Depending on the offence you have committed, you will require different legal counsel and a different set of legal services. Hence you may need a Campbelltown criminal lawyer for your particular offence.

Before you engage in any legal proceedings, you should know that there are many good reasons to hire a legal professional.

Understanding legal proceedings

Attempting to undergo legal proceedings without the use of a Campbelltown criminal lawyer, even outside of court, can be damaging to your defence as you may misunderstand basic requirements or legal documentation and ruin your chances of a good outcome.

Your case becomes even more complicated once you attempt to represent yourself in court without the help of a criminal lawyer in Campbelltown. This may manifest in several ways, including coming across legal jargon you are not familiar with, misunderstanding admissibility of evidence, lacking the knowledge of previous case studies and precedents that are important in your case etc.

With the presence of an experienced legal professional in this situation, you can maximise your chances of a favourable outcome.

Understanding your offence

There are a number of different offences that classify as a criminal offence. These may range from traffic offences (such as drink driving or speeding) to domestic violence related issues, manslaughter/murder or drug-related offences.

Regardless of the seriousness of your offence, you should always have access to criminal lawyers in Campbelltown to best resolve your issue.

Interview formalities

An instance where you may require a criminal lawyer in Campbelltown is in the case where a police officer wishes to interview you.

Did you know that if a police officer wants to interview you, you have a right to refuse and a right to remain silent? Regardless of if you are under custody or sitting in your home, you may refuse to answer any question, identify yourself in a photograph or CCTV footage or enter an interview room.

In the case where you are under police custody, hiring a Campbelltown criminal lawyer is useful as you are legally entitled to call them and seek legal advice regarding the interview. In some cases they will advise you to take the interview (for example if you have a minor offence and you are under 18 years of age).

Regardless, you should always seek advice first from a criminal lawyer in Campbelltown before moving forward with any decision.

Bail assistance

Bail is when a person accused of an offence is released temporarily until their trial date on which they must attend court.

When applying for bail you should consider hiring a criminal lawyer in Campbelltown to provide you with legal advice and assistance throughout the process. A solicitor may be useful if you are having a hard time understanding your bail conditions or wish to change them, if you did not show up on your court date, if you have breached one of your bail conditions or if you are in need of general legal advice.

Your offence history

As with any illegal offence, if you have been found guilty and the magistrate records a conviction, this conviction will appear on your record. In turn, this may affect your future employment prospects as your employers will ask about the offence you have committed and may use this as a reason to deny you a job.

These convictions will remain on your record for as long as ten years. Hence, it is important that you receive adequate legal defence from a criminal lawyer in Campbelltown as there is a lot at stake. As long as you stay informed about the issues, you may be able to get a positive outcome.