March 4, 2024

How Immigration Reform Affects Those in The United States

Immigration affects United States citizens because more people will be added to the job market, increasing competition depending on what you’re doing. Immigration may also help the job market because many people come here and launch businesses and work. Immigration also helps the economy grow because of increased spending, filling jobs, and contributions to the job market. 

Common Mistakes with Immigration Practices

Filing immigration paperwork is tricky because even the most minor mistakes can delay the process or deny someone status. Individuals must restart the process entirely whenever there is a mistake, such as a clerical error, because the USCIS will not accept it. 

Some of the most common mistakes when filing immigration paperwork are as follows. People sometimes don’t consider the expensive costs to complete this process, which may hold them back from becoming a citizen in the time they desire. Missing forms may also delay the process. Another mistake when filing for citizenship is not having a good photo, which takes more time and money on your part. 

Immigrants who have married a United States citizen should be aware of the waiting time for naturalization. Currently, there is a waiting period of 3 years. The paperwork is time-consuming and may require some to study or participate in educational classes. Immigrants must file an N-400 Application for Naturalization form and pass an English and civics test before being naturalized. Avoiding common mistakes can help ease your process as you are on your road to becoming a United States citizen.

Important Things to Know About Immigration Reform

According to the American Immigration Council, about 14 percent of the United States residents are immigrants. Without question, immigrants are the foundation of this country. Unfortunately, the immigration process makes the lives of immigrants even harder and has needed an overhaul for some time now. But, if you take precautions, you may avoid mistakes and keep the process moving. 

Since there are various immigration issues, there will be a mound of support for the new bill. But, the main problems are as follows. The system is immensely restrictive, which makes it difficult to become a US citizen, to begin with. There are immigration quotas to be filled every year, which may alienate people from moving here. One of the most significant immigration issues is waiting time. It often takes decades for someone to become a naturalized United States citizen due to the processing time.

Progress with Immigration Reform

On October 12, 2021, the Fair Adjudications for Immigrants Act was passed into law with the purpose being to aid immigrants in their citizenship. The act would help keep immigrants qualified for naturalization even if there are charges or a conviction on their record. This bill would be able to aid immigrants in avoiding deportation for something that has happened in the past.

This bill, created by U.S. Senator Alex Padilla (D-Calif.) and Representatives Adriano Espaillat (D-N.Y.) and Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), can shift the landscape of the immigrant with a child, looking to create a better life for their family. The bill opens up more growth opportunities for the disenfranchised to take part in once becoming a full citizen. 

The process for naturalization can be complicated, but if taken one step at a time and with sufficient preparation, the outcome can be successful. Working with an attorney throughout the process may help you to better avoid obstacles and delays. For more information about the process for naturalization or the rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizens, contact Attorney Jim Hacking of Hacking Law Firm.