June 23, 2024

Unfortunately, most people do not know much about personal injury law. Because of how lawyers and injury claims were presented in the media, many have incorrect expectations. 

Out of all the different personal injury misconceptions that exist, the most dangerous ones for you are those that stop you from contacting an Alabama injury law firm. This is because personal injury attorneys can easily tell you everything about the law and protect your best interests. But, if you do not meet them, this protection does not exist. As a result, we have to focus on some personal injury misconceptions. 

Speaking With Lawyers Is Expensive

As you look for legal representation since you believe you are entitled to an injury claim compensation, the personal injury attorney will actually give you a fully free consultation. This helps you to get the help you need, discuss the case, and also helps the attorney to see if you actually have a case. 

The lawyers will speak to you for free. They will ask questions and will investigate details. Also, such meetings are obligation-free, which means if you decide not to work with the attorney, you can do so. 

Insurance Companies Offer Fair Settlements

Theoretically, the settlement offered by the insurance company should be fair since its clients pay for this. In reality, the first settlement the insurance company will offer you is always lower than the actual value of your claim. 

Remember that insurance companies do not represent the best interests of the injured party or want to protect their clients. At the end of the day, they are just interested in making money. And one of the ways in which these firms make money is to offer lower compensation. 

We should also highlight that insurance companies do not always know exactly how injured you are. They might not have access to all evidence. The personal injury attorney makes sure the insurance company pays the correct amount. 

Personal Injury Cases Are Fast

Many believe that the legal process of filing personal injury claims is fast. In reality, it can easily take a lot of time. The attorney has to gather all the information needed to obtain the largest possible compensation and prove everything that went wrong to cause the injury. It is also possible that the case will reach the courts phase. This in itself is a very lengthy process. 

Compensation Is Always Received

Last but not least, when you file personal injury claims, you naturally believe that full compensation will be received. The truth is that the other side will most likely try to fight the case. It is common to claim that you had a part of the responsibility, which would lead to lower compensation. 

When the responsible side offers less than what is deserved, the case can be taken to court. Once you are in court, you can receive fair and full compensation. However, it is possible that you lose the case if your claim is not solid. Unfortunately, if this is what happens, your eligibility to get compensation no longer exists. This in itself is one of the most important reasons why you should always hire a personal injury attorney to help you actually recover damages.