September 26, 2022

In the age of COVID, people across the country have sought new ways to get out of their homes  safely. One such trend is  known as “pleasure driving.” Drivers have taken to the roads with no purpose in mind other than to get out of the house without the potential for coronavirus exposure. Many have opted away from outdoor activities such as hiking for fear of being too close to people outside of their household. With cases spiking around the country throughout the year, this form of adventure feels the safest for many. 

Even in the midst of state restrictions earlier this summer which thereby removed actual destinations, there was a noteworthy spike in total hours tracked on the road. It appears that the pleasure driving trend, also referred to as the Sunday drive, is making a comeback in 2020. 

The Sunday Drive

This phenomenon, while making its first appearance in several years, is not new. The Sunday drive has been around since cars became popular, giving people a newfound sense of freedom to see the open road. In 2020, cars are functioning as isolation chambers, providing drivers with a different kind of freedom:  a COVID-19 safe activity. When traveling in cars, people can avoid direct contact with others, but still are able to sightsee  and get a bit of  fresh air. Unfortunately, as could have been predicted, a rise in driving overall engenders  an increased potential for hazards. 

Dangers of Increased Traffic

With more people on the road, the risks of accidents, both car and pedestrian, have the potential to rise. During the pandemic, there have been many increases in the number of injuries and fatalities due to car accidents, even during the stay at home orders around the nation. With many shutdowns affecting the number of drivers on the road at any given time, some drivers have participated in riskier behaviors, such as speeding or texting while driving. It is possible that these habits won’t subside once more drivers make an appearance on the road. Whether driving for business or pleasure, it can be very dangerous when drivers don’t consider their behavior while traveling; it can mean the difference between life and death in some cases.

Attorney Ryan McKeen of Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC says, “While it is interesting to see the trends of people taking scenic drives or just being on the road for pleasure, it definitely increases the possibility for car accidents, as well as pedestrian accidents. People should make sure that if they are out driving for pleasure, they are still very conscious of their surroundings and abiding by the law. If an accident does occur, contacting an attorney right away is always a smart choice.”

As time progresses and vaccines for COVID-19 become available to the general public, the trend of the pleasure drive may shift. However, the need for safety on the roadway will always remain the same. Drivers must always follow the rules of the road and be conscious of those around them. If not, then the Sunday drive has the unfortunate potential to become much less pleasurable.