May 20, 2024

Diacetyl is an organic formula in liquid or powder form with yellow to green color. This chemical present in food and beverages isinherently dangerous when heated. When inhaled, its fumes are very hazardous. It can cause pulmonary complications including popcorn lung.

What is a popcorn lung?

It is an irreversible ailment that damages the smallest airways of the lungs, causing coughing and shortness of breath. It narrows the tiny passages due to inflammation and irritation.Thus, it makes getting enough air difficult.

Bronchiolitis obliterans or popularly known as popcorn lung is rampant amongpeople,like microwave popcorn factory workers, who are exposed to diacetyl vapor. They are more likely prone to this condition than any other people as they inhale the dangerous fumes constantly.It’s also experienced by consumers who regularly eatmicrowave flavored popcorn.


Wayne Watson, a Colorado native was the first consumer who acquired “popcorn lung”. He consumed 2 bags of popcorn with flavoring chemical every day for 10 years. Consequently, manufacturers started using “diacetyl-free” substitutes to produce non-toxic products.

Other popcorn factory workers in several states had also filed lawsuits against factory owners.Popcorn lung lawsuits have expanded to other related industries that are using this compound. Workers from coffee, chocolate, pet food, beer, e-cigarettes and other consumer products also started filing cases against manufacturers.


When you are in a workplace where you inhale these flavoring ingredients constantly, use personal protective equipment (PPE) especially fit-tested respirator. You should also monitor your health.See a medical expert or a pulmonologist. You may undergo a series of tests like a chest x-ray, spirometry,high-resolution CT, and lung biopsy.

Seeking legal help

Are you suffering from this disease?You can file a popcorn lung lawsuit when:

  1. Manufacturers failed to warn the workers of the potential risks of inhaling hazardous fumes of microwave flavored popcorn.
  2. Manufacturers have a failure to conduct safety measures or tests to identify that the compound used can cause workers respiratory diseases.
  3. Factory owners failed to provide warnings, proper ventilation, respiratory protection, and instruction on how to properly use the dangerous chemical.

Get in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you file a lawsuit. They will help you recover financially from medical bills, income, and benefits that you lost due to the injury.

Last words

Injury due to this harmful chemical has the potential to inflict prolonged sufferings or death. It is necessary to take precautions for your safety every time and everywhere even in your workplace. Remember, you need an experienced lawyer’s help to get compensation. And most of all, you deserve the chance to recover physically and financially.