October 5, 2023

People are usually taken to an emergency room after getting injured badly in a serious traffic accident. But there are also a lot of people who don’t like seeking medical treatment after an auto accident. They are inclined to delay going to doctor because they hope the injury or pain will quiet down by itself over the time. Others shy away from tackling personal injury or insurance claims to avoid expenses and hassles.


Some people involved in a car accident are not aware of their injuries at first. This is because of high adrenaline levels after an accident. While this hormone is useful when you are in danger, preparing your muscles for physical exertion, it may trick your body into feeling no pain.

You may not feel pain immediately after an accident, but a certain part of your body will start hurting you seriously next day. Back or neck pain is typical for car accidents. As the time passes, the things are likely to get worse. So you’ll end up having serious health problems after a few days or weeks.

Don’t think the whiplash is going to subside. Even if you do not feel any pain at first time, seek medical attention.


Car accidents can give rise to a variety of injuries, depending on the severity of the impact and circumstances of the collision. Injuries from sharp parts or broken glass and impact injuries can affect any part of a passenger’s or driver’s body. Here are the most common types of car accident injuries:

  • Neck and back injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Chest injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Leg and knee injuries
  • Pelvis and abdominal injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Psychological Injuries

Be sure to see a doctor if you have experienced any of the injuries listed above. For most injuries, the body sends signals that manifest as pain to the affected area, letting a victim know something is wrong. However, there are certain injuries like a concussion and internal bleeding when you don’t feel any symptoms until a few days later. This is why you need to visit a local emergency room or your regular doctor right after the accident.

Your Claim

Prompt medical treatment is not only beneficial for your health but also your accident claim alike. The insurance company will use any delay against you and try to deny or reduce your accident claim if you didn’t see a physician soon enough. That will give them a good reason in support of the assertion that you were not truly injured in the collision. That’s why you should seek medical treatment at the earliest opportunity.

Remember that the job of insurance adjusters is to save the money of the insurance company involved in the claim, so they are NOT on your side. Your claim is very likely to get ruined if you trust the insurance companies too much.

Bear in mind that there is a certain interval of time for action following a car accident in most states. That window for claims usually goes from 2-4 weeks. If you don’t see a doctor and seek medical treatment within that period of time, you’ll lose your PIP coverage.

Once you’ve visited your doctor, make sure to visit a personal injury lawyer as well. Read more here and find out how to fight for the fair and full compensation according to your injuries.