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Talk to a Personal Injury Law Firm After a Serious Car Accident

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Each year, Texans drive more than 286 billion miles. Most of those who drive through Texas do make it to their destination safely, but there is always the chance of an accident occurring. While driving, its imperative drivers keep an eye on what’s happening around them to help them react faster to a potential accident. Still, there is the possibility an accident will occur. If that happens, there may be help available for the victims of the accident.

Car Crash Rates

Throughout 2019, there were more than 3,600 deadly traffic accidents in Texas. These occurred on any day, at any time, though more occurred in December than any other month. There were also just under 13,000 traffic crashes that led to serious injuries. Due to those accidents, there were more than 15,800 people who sustained a serious injury during the crash. Serious injuries, according to the Texas Department of Transportation, are those that are incapacitating.

DUIs Accounted for a Significant Amount of Deadly Crashes

One of the leading causes of crashes that ended with fatalities or serious injuries is driving under the influence. Though the most common time for these car accidents was between two and three in the morning, they can happen at any time of the day. They most frequently occurred on Saturdays but could happen throughout the week. Of the number of people killed in a traffic accident, 25% of them were killed in an accident where alcohol was involved.

Distracted Driving is Another Significant Cause of Fatal Crashes

Another significant cause of driving accident is distracted driving. This includes any kind of distraction, such as talking on a phone, texting, looking away from the road, or anything else that causes a driver to not have full attention on what is happening around them. Through 2019, more than 375 people in Texas were killed because of distracted driving.

Help Is Available for Those Injured in an Accident

When someone is seriously injured in a car accident, they’re going to have huge medical bills for their recovery and future medical needs, bills for the damage to their vehicle, lost wages, and a variety of other expenses directly relating to the accident. If the person did not cause the accident, they may be owed compensation from the at-fault driver. The compensation is intended to cover all of the accident-related expenses the victim has, though the insurance company for the at-fault driver may not be willing to pay the full amount. If this happens, there is help available for the victim.

If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident in Texas, don’t wait to get help. A personal injury law firm can review your case, determine the amount of compensation you might be entitled to, and help you get that compensation from the at-fault driver or their insurance company. Take the time to speak with a lawyer today to learn more about the amount of compensation you might receive or how a personal injury case works and how they can help you get the compensation you’re owed.