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TensorBit Launches the TENB Token to Power the New Machine Learning Blockchain

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The TensorBit network is built around the concept of enabling blockchains to be built from useful computations of machine learning algorithms. Users will be able to earn real value from businesses utilizing their graphics hardware. Valuable computations will be performed in a similar manner to Folding@Home, rather than wasting power on useless hashes generating artificial cryptocurrencies with only speculative value.

Powering the blockchain technology is TENB, a new cryptocurrency designed to leverage technologies of Ethereum along with revolutionary machine learning proof of work that will allow companies to purchase compute resources. Already, businesses are having to invest large sums of money in powerful GPU farms or rent services from companies such as Amazon for their machine learning tasks. TENB is projected to reduce these costs substantially through economies of scale.

Several large companies have shown interest in what TensorBit has developed, with talks of seed rounds on the table. Additionally, the crowd funding market surely is willing to provide capital for this revolutionary new paradigm that is still in the beginning stages similar to what the web was in the early nineties. Machine learning itself is a relatively new concept brought into recent interest because of the advances and ubiquity of computer hardware and data storage.

The TensorBit project comes at a time when businesses large and small are increasingly concerned with utilizing machine learning to their advantage. This new technology provides the edge that many require to create the latest technological advancements in the fields of computer vision, big data, analytics, and data prediction.

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