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The Best Response to a Car Crash

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Safety is of the highest priority in your life. When you get on the road, you do all that you can to keep your passengers and fellow drivers safe. Unfortunately, this is not an attitude shared by other motorists. Some people wilfully and recklessly disregard traffic rules and basic common sense when on the road. If you have been injured in a car crash caused by such a person, you will need legal counsel.

After the Car Crash

The first moments after a car crash are often confusing. Once you have figured out what has happened, you should act decisively to protect yourself.

First things first. You should always call 911 after an accident. Do not assume that anyone else will do it. You should also exchange insurance and contact details with the other driver. And take as many photos of the accident scene as possible, including the damage to your car from multiple perspectives.

You will need to have yourself examined by a physician, even if you feel alright. If you have sustained injuries, you should photograph them before treatment.

Why A Lawyer Should Be Your First Call

You should contact a car crash attorney before reporting the accident to your insurance company. Your lawyer will explain your rights as a policy holder, so that you are prepared to defend them if necessary.

If the other driver was responsible for the accident, their insurance company will want to interview as part of the investigation. You should not sit down with anyone with a lawyer present. The insurance company may also offer you low-dollar compensation. This is often done to prevent further action on your part. They want to silence you by paying you off. You should sign no document or make any commitment until your attorney has had a chance to review the settlement offer.

Your lawyer can also handle all emails and written correspondence. And if you are called by the lawyers or insurance representatives of the person who caused the crash, then you should refer them to your attorney.

Your Options

Reckless, inattentive, and rule-breaking drivers should be held accountable for the injury and destruction they caused. However, you need not file a lawsuit straightaway against the person who hit you. If the money offered by their insurance company covers your medical bills and lost wages and it compensates you for the pain and suffering you have endured, your lawyer may advise you to take it. However, if you were seriously injured as a result of the crash, you are within your rights to demand more money. If the insurance company refuses, then you can build up a case and sue.

Taking on an insurance company is not easy, but you can win and get the money you deserve. To do so, you must work with an attorney who specializes in car crash accidents. They will know how to put together the kind of case that will make the insurance company give you what is fair and just.