September 26, 2022

Men and women want to know how law firms can better optimize their lead intake process and generate more revenue. There’s a process an attorney or firm can follow to achieve this goal. An efficient and effective intake process helps the firm obtain more clients while seeing the highest return on investment for each dollar spent.

Preparing for Success

Visit the internet and search for an attorney. Countless names come up, allowing consumers to choose a person they feel provides the best fit for their needs. The right intake system stops the research process, as it shows the individual, they have found this attorney and need not search any further.

Being responsive to each contact goes a long way in ensuring the consumer stops their search. This means responding within minutes rather than hours or days. If the client is engaging with the firm, they aren’t continuing their research. The person responsible for answering the phone sets the tone for everything that follows.

During this call, the individual representing the firm must leave a good impression on the caller. They should show empathy and listen to the caller’s concerns. If they feel the firm can be of help, they transfer the caller to an intake specialist. This person gathers information about the matter to ensure the firm can help and should schedule a consultation for the same day or the next day, depending on the time of day when the call takes place.

If the consultation cannot occur for a few days, the firm needs to send follow-up emails. These communications help educate the client about the firm and increase the odds of the person showing up for this meeting. This along with the initial phone call helps to build rapport with the consumer in need of legal help.

The Consultation

Times have changed, and many people wish to have their consultation virtually. Accommodate these individuals when possible, as these meetings are convenient and increase productivity. Clients appreciate firms that work to make their lives easier. During this consultation, strive to get a signed agreement. Once this agreement has been signed, review the paperwork and explain what will happen next. Fortunately, clients may sign using an electronic signature program.

Allow staff members to handle consultations, as this ensures every lead receives prompt attention. They can take on this task and make the sale, freeing the attorney up for other tasks. In addition, this ensures operations continue as normal even when the attorney is out of the office for any reason.

Follow Up

Some individuals don’t sign up during the initial consultation. Don’t despair. They may need time to make a decision. Provide them with information about the firm and the processes. Work to build their trust during the visit and provide them with written proof of the firm’s reputation and successes. They’ll remember this as they move forward with the decision-making process.

Follow up with a phone call to answer any questions. Ensure this visit takes place in a timely manner. Be persistent, as it takes ten no answers for every yes. Until they actually sign with a firm, you have the opportunity to secure their business. Don’t squander it.