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The Practice Areas of Expert Michigan Personal Injury Lawyers

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Accidents can happen at any time and it is always better to be well prepared for it. The issues related to personal injuries are rising gradually with time. Therefore, it is imperative to seek the assistance of professional personal injury lawyers such as Moss & Colella. Such expert firms’ shelter experienced lawyers who have helped numerous people all around the country to successful file claims in the case of personal injuries.

It is natural that common people do not have the required knowledge to deal with such laws and standards. Thus, the services offered by these expert attorneys play a vital role as it is their job to guide their clients in every step of the way. The civil rights of every citizen must be protected at all times even against insurance firms and large corporations. Such is the belief of professional law firms such as Moss & Colella.

Let us now look at some of the practice areas of these expert attorneys that operate in the state of Michigan.


  • Automobile Accidents 


It is estimated that more than 4.5 million people were affected by automobile accidents in the financial year of 2018 alone. The statistics are only expected to rise as we move towards 2020 as the demand for cars is also increasing in the global market. Consequently, the chances of road accidents will also reach higher levels. 

In order to protect you and your family members, it is essential that you hire professional services personal injury lawyers so that your legal rights can be protected. An individual usually gets 1 year to receive payment incurred on the damages. Therefore, hire professionals today so that you can receive the exact amount which you are entitled to. 


  • Dog Bites and Attacks 


There are numerous dog owners in and around Michigan. Due to this aspect, the cases related to dog bites are also increasing. Aggressive dogs generally tend to attack children who are below the age of 15. If your child or a family member has been attacked by a dog without any evidence of provocation then it is advisable to seek assistance from professionals such as Moss & Colella. These experts will personally look into the situation and investigate the matter so that you can collect claims in the fastest way possible. The services of these lawyers will bring in a sense of safety and security for your family members at all times.


  • Protection from Construction Site Accidents 


Accidents can happen at construction sites where the employees of the concerned construction company can also be adversely affected. Thus, it is the duty of the construction firms to offer complete protection to their workers so that they can operate within a safe working environment. 

However, such standards are rarely fulfilled as hundreds of people lose their lives at construction sites annually. Therefore, it is essential that you are insured by the services that companies like Moss &Colella offer.

Feel free to contact these experts today if you are in need of immediate assistance.